2024 Form One Transferring Process – Simplified Guide


For form ones transferring from one institution to the other do the following.

1. Don’t download the admission letter of the institution invited to.

2. Place your request to the institution you wish to transfer the student to.

3.If accepted the principal will request you to provide result-slip, birth-cert,Parent ID no and phone number. The school will communicate if successful.

4. Proceed to ministry of education portal www.moest.go.ke
a) Go to online services
b) Form one selection
c) Download admission letter
d) select school category i.e National,extra county,county, sub-county etc. Ignore all these options.
e) Check the last item below the above categories written TRANSFER LETTER written in red. Click it.
f) Enter the school category of the new school then accurately place the county,sub-county where the candidate did KCPE , then Index and SUBMIT.
g) Access the letter and print. Otherwise go to file and select download option then print.

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