A list and guide to all KNEC online portals used for exams registration, results checking, examiners and other services

The Kenya National Examinations Council, knec, runs a number of portals that are used for registration of candidates for various exams, Centre Registration, registration confirmation and results download.

Below is the mandate of the Council as outlined in Section 10 of KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012: To;

  • Set and maintain examinations standards
  • Conduct public academic, technical and other national examinations within Kenya at basic and tertiary levels
  • Award certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations. (Such certificates or diplomas, shall not be withheld from the candidate by any person or institution)
  • Confirm authenticity of certificates or diplomas issued by the Council upon request by the government, public institutions, learning institutions, employers and other interested parties
  • Undertake research on educational assessment
  • Advice any public institution on the development and use of any system or assessment when requested to do so, and in accordance with such terms and conditions as shall be mutually agreed between the Council and the public institutions
  • Promote the international recognition of qualifications conferred by the Council
  • Advice the Government on any policy decision that is relevant to, or has implications on the functions of the Council or the administration of examinations in Kenya
  • Do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of the preceding functions

Knec Functions

  • Develop examination policies, procedures and regulations
  • Develop national examinations
  • Register candidates for the KNEC examinations
  • Conduct examinations and process the results
  • Award certificates and diplomas to successful candidates
  • Conduct research on educational assessment
  • Carry out equation of certificates and diplomas issued by other credible examining boards
  • Conduct examinations on behalf of foreign examination boards
  • Advise the Government on matters pertaining to examinations and certification.

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Knec Portals

Here are the Knec Portals:

Grade 3 Portal

This portal is used to capture details of grade 3 learners, download grade 3 assessment materials and to capture assessment results for the learners. To access the portal click on; https://cba.knec.ac.ke/Account/

The KCPE and KCSE Portal

This portal is used for administration of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, exams.

The portal allows Primary schools to register candidates, Confirm Registration and Download the KCPE result slips online. For Secondary schools, the portal allows for candidates’ registration, Confirm Registration, Download & upload KCSE projects data, download KCSE results and perform KCSE Qualifying Test Registration.

To access the portal click on; https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke

A candidate is considered duly registered after fulfilling the following:

  1. Candidate’s details are successfully uploaded onto the registration platform for the specific examination.
  2. The subjects are duly selected as per subject cluster as stipulated in the regulations governing the specific examination.
  3. Payment of fees where applicable (examination fees is not refundable or transferable to another candidate nor to another year)
  4. Submission of all the candidates’ registration materials to KNEC

Knec Admin Portal

The knec Admin portal provides limited access to the general public. But, the portal is freely accessible for checking schools’ performance and Candidates’ registration details. Click on this link to access the portal; https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/Admin/staff/Candidates.aspx

Knec Contracted Professionals Portal

This portal allows various professionals to apply for knec exam administration posts like: Centre Managers, Supervisors, Invigilators and Security Officers’ posts. To access the portal use this link; http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/Account/Logon

To download the Contracted Professionals’ User Manual click on this link; http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/content/docs/CP2_UserManual.pdf

Other Portals: 1). Diploma Teacher Education Registration Click Here 2). Primary Teacher Education Registration Click Here 3). Early ChildHood Development Education Registration Click Here 4). Teacher Certificate in Adult Education Registration Click Here 5). Special Needs Education(Teacher) Registration Click Here 6).BTEP Exam Registration Click Here 7). Business Exam Registration Single and Group Exams Click Here 8). BMGT Exam Registration Business Management Exams Click Here 9). Technical Exam Registration Click Here

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The following are the most important links and contacts to the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC:


Use any of the following official KNEC contacts for quick assistance and/ or clarifications:

Head Office – 0720741001 0732333860 KCSE Section – 0771813972 KCPE Section – 0772069891 PTE Section – 0772069882 Technical Section – 0771813866 0771814259 Business Section – 0771814060 0771814105 Archives – 0732333566 0720741004

Email: [email protected]

If you’ve lost one of your certificates, you can download the application form for results certification here: https://www.knec.ac.ke/2018/10/23/result_application-form/

  • KNEC Website – www.knec.ac.ke

The official Kenya National Examination Council KNEC website is http://www.knec.ac.ke/ click on this Click on this link to access the website: http://www.knec.ac.ke/

  • KNEC Portal – www.knec.ac.ke

Link: www.knec-portal.ac.ke/

  • KNEC KCPE Registration – www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCPE

Link: www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCPE

  • KNEC KCSE Registration – www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCSE

Link: www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCSE

  • KNEC Contacts
  1. Council Secretary / Chief Executive Officer P.O. Box: 73598 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Head Office National Housing Corporation (NHC) House, Aga Khan Walk, Tel:+254 020     317412 /317413 / 317419 / 317427 / 341027 341050 / 341071 / 341098 / 341113 / 2213381 Fax: +254-020- 2226032
  3. KNEC Website – www.knec.ac.ke. Link:  http://www.knec.ac.ke/
  4. Others:
  • KNEC Contacts – National Bank Building,

Harambee Avenue Tel:+254 – 020 246919 / 020-247204 Extelecoms House,3rd floor Haile Selasie Avenue, Tel: +254 -020 2211545/6/7

  • KNEC Contacts – Mitihani House

Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani Tel:+254 – 020 2713874 / 020-2713894 / 020-2713845; 020-2715980 / 020-2711536

  • KNEC Contacts – Industrial Area Offices,

Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch, Likoni Road. Tel:+254 – 020 650821 / 020-650822

Email: [email protected]

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