Avoid Disconnectionupdate your SIM registration details as per Communications Authority of Kenya


Is your line registered correctly?

Have you verified and updated your SIM registration details as per the regulations? Visit any Airtel outlet countrywide with your ORIGINAL ID today.

Click here to update your SIM registration details by uploading a clear image of your ORIGINAL ID (front and back).

In line with the Communication Authority regulations, all telecommunication operators are required to have an image of the customer’s original identification document. This means that all our customers are required to visit any Airtel outlet countrywide with their ORIGINAL ID so that we can take a clear picture of the ID. For additional security, we will also take your picture for a holistic update

It is important to note that should your line not be registered as per the regulations, you risk having your line disconnected. To find an Airtel outlet near you, click Airtel Shop or Airtel Dealer

Should you also wish to confirm which lines are registered using your ID, we have an easy way for you to do so. Simply dial *106#, select your ID type, then enter the respective ID number. You should get an SMS notification in a short while with the number(s) registered under your ID

Should the SMS mentioned above display lines that are not known to you, kindly visit the nearest Airtel with your ORIGINAL identification document to have it/them de-registered.

Click here to download the Airtel Kenya customer registration form.

When registering your line, below are the required documents to be provided. Submit only one document as applicable to you;

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