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See all the latest BOM teaching vacancies.

Are you searching for all the advertised BOM teaching vacancies? Well. Get a list of all the available teaching vacancies; including the schools and contacts. Some of the vacancies are for TSC employment.


Read through the list of available BOM vacancies below;

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  • Mirira secondary in muranga county requires bus/ geo teacher under BOM terms. Helpline: +254724994692
  • Mungaria Secondary urgently requires a Home Science teacher on BOM terms.Kindly refer one if you have an idea to 0722607974.Thanks
  • St. Regina Nairutia secondary in Kieni West, Nyeri County urgently requires teachers on BOM terms in following areas. Chem/bio, English/CRE to start teaching in Jan 2021. Applicants must be TSC registered. Contact 0722452892
  • PROPOI GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL(West Pokot County) Invites Applications to fill the following Teaching Vacancies on B.O.M Terms effective January,2021: GEO/MATHS-1 and BIO/CHEM-1.

Must be registered by TSC and at least two years experience in handling Candidates class.
Drop your application in school or email to [email protected]
For any Inquiry Contact : 0710509897/0741111387
Deadline: 22/12/2020

  • Karima boys requires math/ chem teacher on B.O.M terms. Interview 22nd DEC. TSC NO is a must Call 0708260763
    Applications are hereby invited at St. BONAVENTURE KAHETI BOYS High School – Mukurwe-ini Subcounty (Nyeri County) for teachers with the following Combinations;
    1. Eng/Literature
    2. Eng/Comp or Comp/…
    3. Bst/Maths and
    4. Agr/Biology
    Applicants are required to drop or send their applications, by post (P.o Box 146 – 10103 Mukurweini) or via email ([email protected]).
    The applicants must be TSC registered.
    For more information call the secretary (0722412345)
  • Kanthuni Secondary School is seeking to recruit professional teacher under B.O.M terms with the following combination: Bussines /maths or business with any other combination.

For the interested individuals-
Please reach the principal through,
Email:[email protected]

  • From January, two teachers required at Ntumbara secondary school under BOM terms,tsc registered
    1. Biology/ chemistry
    2. Maths/ business
    Contact principal 0724226030
  • Sigalame high school-Busia
    The school needs the following combination before next week.
    1. Math/physics -2
    2. Math/comp -1
    3. Comp/bst…..1
    4.Geog/kis …..1
    5.bio/chem ….2
    6.Drawing and Design/……….1

Payment 18k, call 0725074139

  • St.joseph junior seminary-molo
    Urgently in need of kisw/cre teacher in January.
    Salary is 19k . MUST be a catholic ,tsc compliant ,a graduate from recognized institution Contact school admin on
    0706 128200.Thank you.
  • PROPOI GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL(West Pokot County) Invites Applications to fill the following Teaching Vacancies on B.O.M Terms effective January,2021:
    Must be registered by TSC and at least two years experience in handling Candidates class.
    Drop your application in school or email to [email protected]
    For any Inquiry Contact : 0710509897/0741111387
    Deadline: 22/12/2020
  • Kiundwani secondary in Kibwezi subcounty requires TSC registered teachers for the following subject;
    1.Maths/ physics
    2.Kisw/ Geo
    Contact principal on 0712296335
  • Ikime secondary school in Kyuso sub county wish to recruit teachers of the following subject combinations.
    1. Maths/Chemistry or B/studies
    2. Bio/Chem or Bio/Agric
    Scan and sent your application letter and certificates to the Secretary BoM (0723439889) on or before 28/12/2020. Be TSC registered on registration on progress.
  • The following subject combinations are urgently required at Huruma Mixed day secondary school under BOM terms
    IRE/ Kisw
    For more information kindly contact 0712720061
  • St.charles Lwanga mixed secondary school mwanyani in mbeere south sub county requires maths/phy teacher on BOM terms.If qualified call 0728882493 or apply to the school directly.
  • AIC NYAYO GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL in Kalama sub county- Machakos County wishes to announce the following teaching vacancies for immediate BOM employment.


1.Must have graduated.
2. Must have original transcripts and certificates.
2.Have TSC No.

Deadline for applicant submission is on 31st Dec 2020. Applications to be dropped in school or sent via school email:
[email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Interviews on 6th Jan. 2021

  • ELIMONYA SECONDARY in Kisii county on your way to Mogonga seeks to recruit the following teachers next year;
    2 Business/Geography
    The payment is ksh.10,000 please contact Mr. Elijah Ombiro(director) 0721 552530..Thank you.
  • Bongo Girls High School in Kinangop subcounty Nyandarua County requires the following teachers on BOM Terms.
    1. Agriculture/Biology.
    2. Business/ Geography.
    3. English/Literature.
    Registered teachers to bring their applications by 23/12/2020 or send through email: [email protected]
    Principal Bongo Girls.
  • Mwereni Secondary school(Kwale county) requires a Maths/Chem teacher on Bom terms to start working on January 2021. The monthly gross pay is Ksh. 20,000. Tsc number is a compulsory requirements.
    If interested, kindly contact the principal via 0722454530.
  • Kanorero secondary school requires the following combinations on BOM terms.
    1. Geo/Business
    2. Kiswahili/History
    3. English/literature
    Applications to reach the school on or before 29th December 2020
  • Alfajiri secondary school in Nairobi has the following vaccancie
    2.Geographic /business
    3.History and any other subject
    interested person must be TSC compliance.
    Call +254 718 938477
    0741656821 for more information
    Bunyore Girls High School is looking for TSC registered teachers to be employed under the Board of Management (BOM). The applicants should have BIOLOGY/ CHEMISTRY combination.
    The applications should reach the Secretary to the BOM by 30th December 2020.
    Anybody in Vihiga county:
  • St Mark Orthodox Secondary School-Chavogere, in Sabatia sub-county needs a teacher of Phy/any, Bio/any and Kisw/any to teach in BoM terms.
  • Consolata Girls kevote Embu has the following vacancies ..Bs/ maths, chem /phy , History/CRE. For more information call 0702489008- Deputy principal.
  • Lab assistant required at Nalepo Taegong girls secondary in kajiado central. Contact 0733854397
  • Muragari Secondary in Embu county has a Mathematics/ Business studies vacancy.. If interested, contact the principal through 0723784350
  • St. Michael Gatagati Secondary School has the following BOM teacher vacancies in Jan,2021;
    Must be TSC registered.
    Call +254 724 507945
  •  Christ The King Kirwara High advertises the following teaching vacancies:
    4.Maths/Bstudies(2 slots)
1.Bachelor of Education or Diploma in Education
2.Registered with TSC
Drop the application in the office by 30th December, 2020.
  • Mwachi Secondary School wishes to hire registered teachers for the following subjects on B.O.M terms:-
    1. Maths/ Business studies or Geog/ Business studies.
    2. Hist/CRE
    3. English/Lit (2 slots)
    4. Kiswa/ CRE
    5. Biology/
    If interested contact 0722269080.
  • Muguru Boys need Home science teacher. Should be Tsc registered. Call 0720980188.
  • PONDO Secondary School in NYAHURURU requires Kiswahili/History and Bio/Agric teachers on BOM terms. Must be TSC Registered.
    Contact the Principal on 0723954414.
  • Kangui secondary school requires a TSC registered Kiswahili/Geography teacher for BOM employment.Please refer.Contact 0722287351.
  • Rwathia mixed secondary school requires Cre/Eng teacher on Bom terms. Must be registered by tsc. call 0723749723
  • Gatunyu secondary school is in need of a Bio/Math Tsc compliant teacher for BOM employment.Contact 0722507752
  • Mua Hills Girls school in Machakos sub-couny is in need of the following teachers for employment on BOM terms and who must be TSC registered -:
    1: BIO/ CHEM
    2: CHEM/ MATHS
    3: ENG/ LIT
    The applications addressed to the secretary BOM should reach the school by 31 Dec 2020.
    We urgently need a Chem/Biology teacher under attractive Bom terms to start teaching on 4/01/2021.
    Contact: 0724955927
  • Salient High school is advertising a teaching post for Bst/Hist or BST/CRE on BOM terms. Applicants must be tsc registered. Application deadline 31/12/20:
    Contact: 0791228409
  • ALSUHAIM GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL in Namanga needs IRE/ARABIC teacher. Interviews to be conducted 29/12 /2020 from 8:00am. Contact 0722774450/0708780369
  • Huruma mixed day secondary has a TSC intern vacancy for Hist/CRE . Interested candidates to apply to the Secretary BOM , Box 13-70104 Bura/Tana. Letters to reach the school before 6th Jan 2021.


  • Mororo Mixed Day has a Tsc intern vacancy for Geog/Agric.Interested candidates can apply to the Secretary BOM by 6th January. P.O.Box 1237-70100, GARISSA
  • Nanighi Tana Mixed Secondary has a TSC intern vacancy for ARABIC/IRE . Interested candidates to apply immediately to: The Secretary BOM NANIGHI TANA SEC SCHOOL.Box 15 Bura, Tana.
  • Maumau memorial girls has a Tsc intern vacancy for hist/geo . Interested candidates can apply to the BOM secretary by 6th January.Box 83 Hola.
  • Ngao Girls Secondary School has aTSC intern vacancy for Biology/Agriculture. Interested applicants are advised to apply to: The Secretary BOM Ngao Girls Box 12-Garsen or [email protected] to reach the school immediately.
  • Tarasaa high school has a TSC intern vacancy for AGRIC/HIST. Those interested to apply immediately through the secretary Bom,Box 118-80201 Garsen
    or email [email protected]
  • Garsen high school has Tsc Intern vacancy for Maths/ Bss.
    Interested applicants are advised to apply directly to: The Secretary BOM
    To reach the school immediately .
  • Oda Secondary School has a TSC intern vacancy for Biology/Agriculture. Interested applicants are advised to apply immediately to:
    The Secretary BOM
    Oda Sec school
    P.O Box 77-80201
    Email: [email protected]
    Contact: 0721804993
  • Patte Girls Secondary School has a vacancy for TSC intern teacher Chem/Maths.Applicants must be TSC registered.Applications should be received by 31st December 2020 and addressed to :
    The B O M secretary,
    Patte Girls Secondary School,
    Po box 20_80501,
    FAZA. You can also send your application through [email protected]
    Contact 0713459509
  • Vacancy…!
    English /CRE
    BOM Terms
    Contact 0712350860
    Ngano secondary Nyandarua county


  1. Am samwel kimama am diploma holder in agriculture and biology teacher with also bachelor degree in kiswahili and religion education.am register teacher am looking for a job.my contact is 0716041847 or0751787633

    • Hello I’m Ishmael kanyi a bachelor holder in math physics am registered with TSC and looking for a job.my number is 0740043434


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