Principles of Basic education act

1. Access-free compulsory basic education
2. Equity -equitable access to education
3. Quality and relevance of education
4 Good governance system which is accountable and transparent.
5.child protection
6. Promotion of national values
7 innovations
8 Non-discrimination
9 Collaborative management
10 Resource allocations

Key components of Basic education

County education board.
Right to free and compulsory education
System and structure of education.
Standard quality assurance and relevance
Financial provisions

Basic education act children protection from

1.Obligations of parents.
Parent who will not take child to school is liable for fine of 100k or one year or both.
2. Admission to public school.
No fee should be charged for admission
3 Fair disciplinary measures. No corporal punishment or psychological torture. Teacher or parent involved is punishable
4 Humane or dignified treatment to learners with due respect
5 Right to rest during holiday. No holiday tuition, teacher found is liable for fine of 100k or one year imprisonment or both
6 Labour free childhood.
There should be no child labour at school or home


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