Good morning Sons and daughters of Nyamira. In the last four or so weeks I have visited each of the nineteen best performing secondary schools in Nyamira. As County Education Board (CEB) chair, my intent in this venture was twofold: one, to congratulate the staff for their accomplishment and thank them for their commitment and effort; and two, to initiate strategies for further performance improvement and sustainability. Accompanied by the County Director of Education (the CEB Secretary) and the TSC County Director (a CEB member) we visited, in descending order of performance, St. Kizito Nyansiongo High, Nyambaria High, Kebirigo Boys, Nyakeore Secondary, St. Peter’s Nyakemincha, Nyakongo High, Sironga Girls, Nyaikuro High, St. Gonzaga Gonza Isoge, Mwongori Secondary, Our Lady of Mercy Rangenyo Girls, Gesiaga Secondary, Nyamira Boys, Nyachururu Secondary, Nyansabakwa Boys, Nyameru Secondary, Matongo Boys High, Riyabe Secondary, and Menyenya High. I also visited our two best performing public primary schools: Eronge Adventist and St. Andrew’s Kaggwa Boys.

It has been a socially enriching and intellectually stimulating experience for me. It has also afforded us in the County Education Board valuable rubber-on-road insights into the educational terrain of our county and what makes some of our schools tick. I also visited some of our ‘sleeping giants’ that arent on this roll of honour: St. Paul’s Gekano, Kebabe Girls, and Nyamiranga Secondary and sought to jumpstart their stalled performance trajectory. Of course there are many more of such sleeping giants. We have identified them and we are committed to waking them up.

Yet my biggest concern is those schools that are currently academic guillotines for our children. These are the schools at the bottom of our Performance ladder: Esani Secondary, Endiba Secondary, St. Paul’s Nyachichi, Riosiago Secondary, Nyamwanchania Secondary, Sungututa Secondary, St. Francis Kerema Secondary, Egetonto Secondary, Kiendege Secondary, Bogwendo Secondary, Ogango SDA Secondary, St. Teresa Bugo Secondary, Omorare Secondary, Mageri Secondary, St. Paul’s Manga Orotuba, Esanige Secondary, St Joseph’s Nyanchoka Secondary, Bomorito Secondary, Nyagachi Secondary, and Riamandere Secondary.

I list these schools here, not to label or shame them, but but to prick our individual and collective consciousness and conscience as homeboys and homegirls to hopefully jolt us into frantic solution-generating for these schools. In a fortnight or so I shall embark on a county-wide tour of these schools. I invite ideas and opinions from this esteemed congregation on how to lift these schools from the pit they are in right now. You are all welcome. You can call me on 0725444807, or email me at [email protected], or just chat with me either directly or here. Let us do this for our children. Thank you.

#dr nyandusi#

Chair county education board- Nyamira.


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