Catholic University Of East Africa List of all Courses & Requirements (Latest, Updated)


  1. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  6. Bachelor of Arts in History
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  8. Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  13. Bachelor of Church Management and Leadership
  14. Bachelor of Commerce
  15. Bachelor of Education (Biology)
  16. Bachelor of Education (Chemistry)
  17. Bachelor of Education (Kiswahili)
  18. Bachelor of Education (Physics)
  19. Bachelor of Education in Psychology
  20. Bachelor of Justice and Peace
  21. Bachelor of Laws
  22. Bachelor of Science in Biology
  23. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  24. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  25. Bachelor of Science in Library & Information Science
  26. Bachelor of Science in Physics
  27. Bachelor of Theology
  28. Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
  29. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  30. Master of Arts in History
  31. Master of Arts in Peace Studies
  32. Master of Arts in Political Science
  33. Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management
  34. Master of Arts in Regional Integration
  35. Master of Arts in Social Work
  36. Master of Arts in Sociology
  37. Master of Business Administration
  38. Master of Education (Curriculum, Research studies & Evaluation, Educational Administration and Leadership)
  39. Master of Science in Mathematics
  40. Shahada ya kwanza ya sanaa Katika Kiswahili (Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili)
  41. Shahada ya Uzamili katika Kiswahili na Mawasiliano (Master of Arts in Kiswahili and Communication)
  42. Doctor of Business Administration
  43. Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology
  44. Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  45. Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
  46. Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Management
  47. Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy
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