1. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  2. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  3. Bachelor of Arts
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Security Studies)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Sociology)
  7. Bachelor of Catering & Hotel Management
  8. Bachelor of Commerce
  9. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  10. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development)
  11. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  12. Bachelor of Education(Primary) School-Based
  13. Bachelor of Psychology
  14. Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Mgt
  15. Bachelor of Science
  16. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)
  18. Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
  19. Bachelor of Science(Agric. Educ. & Extension)
  20. Bachelor of Science (Community Development)
  21. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  22. Bachelor of Science (Economics & Statistics)
  23. Bachelor of Science (Ecotourism & Hospitality Management)
  24. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
  25. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
  26. Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources)
  27. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  28. Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Enterprise & Mgt
  29. Science(Agric. Educ. & Extension)
  30. Master of Education in Educational Foundations
  31. Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction
  32. Master of Education in Educational Management
  33. Master of Education in Guidance & Counselling
  34. Master of Education in Science
  35. Master of Science in Animal Nutrition
  36. Master of Science in Community Development
  37. Master of Science in Environmental Science
  38. Master of Arts in English
  39. Master of Arts in Geography
  40. Master of Arts in History
  41. Master of Arts in Kiswahili
  42. Master of Arts in Literature
  43. Master of Arts in Religious Studies
  44. Master of Business Administration
  45. Master of Human Resources Management
  46. Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science
  47. Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Nutrition
  48. Doctor of Philosophy in Communication & Media Studies
  49. Doctor of Philosophy in Community Development
  50. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Development
  51. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Foundations
  52. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  53. Doctor of Philosophy in English
  54. Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science
  55. Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance & Counselling
  56. Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili
  57. Doctor of Philosophy in Literature
  58. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Biotechnology
  59. Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
  60. Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education
  61. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Upgrading)
  62. Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics/Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  63. Bachelor of Library and Information Studies/Bachelor of Science in Information Science
  64. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  65. Bachelor of Arts in Geography & Economics
  66. Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics
  67. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication
  68. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili & Geography
  69. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature
  70. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics
  71. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  72. Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
  73. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  74. Bachelor of Cooperative Management
  75. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development & Primary Education
  76. Bachelor of Engineering Physics
  77. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
  78. Bachelor of Laws
  79. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
  80. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  81. Bachelor of Science in Animal Products Technology
  82. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science
  83. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  84. Bachelor of Science in Biology
  85. Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and Technology
  86. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  87. Bachelor of Science in Community Development
  88. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  89. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
  90. Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism
  91. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management
  92. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  93. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  94. Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  95. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  96. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology
  97. Bachelor of Science in Mining physics
  98. Bachelor of Science in Physics
  99. Bachelor of Tourism Management
  100. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  101. Master of Arts in Criminology, Security and Justice Studies
  102. Master of Arts in English and Linguistics
  103. Master of Science in Information Science
  104. Master of Arts in Philosophy
  105. Master of Arts in Sociology
  106. Master of Business Administration (Insurance and Risk Management Option)
  107. Master of Education in science Education
  108. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication
  109. Master of Science in Procurement and Logistics Management
  110. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
  111. Master of Science in Agronomy
  112. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  113. Master of Science in Biochemistry
  114. Master of Science in Botany
  115. Master of Science in Botany (Microbiology and Biotechnology)
  116. Master of Science in Botany (Plant Pathology)
  117. Master of Science in Botany(Genetics)
  118. Master of Science in Chemistry
  119. Master of Science in Community Studies and Extension
  120. Master of Science in Crop Production
  121. Master of Science in Dry land Agriculture
  122. Master of Science in Economics
  123. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
  124. Master of Science in Finance
  125. Master of Science in Food Science
  126. Master of Science in Mathematics
  127. Master of Science in Medical Parasitology
  128. Master of Science in Medical Physics
  129. Master of Science in Natural Resources Management
  130. Master of Science in Nursing
  131. Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences
  132. Master of Science in Operations Management
  133. Master of Science in Physics
  134. Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology
  135. Master of Science in Plant Breeding
  136. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  137. Master of Science in Soil Science
  138. Master of Science in Statistics/Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  139. Master of Science in Wildlife Management
  140. Master of Science in Zoology/Master of Science in Zoology (Animal Physiology)
  141. Master of Science of Hotel Management
  142. Masters in Hotel Management
  143. Masters in Tourism Management
  144. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  145. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education
  146. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Extension
  147. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics
  148. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics
  149. Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science Nutrition
  150. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  151. Doctor of Philosophy in Botany
  152. Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Management
  153. Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
  154. Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Protection
  155. Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Science
  156. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and instruction
  157. Doctor of Philosophy in Dry Land Agriculture
  158. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology
  159. Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science
  160. Doctor of Philosophy in Geography
  161. Doctor of Philosophy in History and Political Science
  162. Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture
  163. Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics
  164. Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Physics
  165. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
  166. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Breeding
  167. Doctor of Philosophy in Pure Mathematics
  168. Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science
  169. Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics/Ph.D. in Applied Statistics
  170. Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management
  171. Doctor of Philosophy in Wildlife Management
  172. Doctor Of Philosophy in Zoology(Entomology)/Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology


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