TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia. The commission is urging teachers to contribute towards the covid-19 kitty.
TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Check here for the Computer Studies TSC advertised posts per school and county. School codes have been given to make your online application to be easy.

Remember to check similar lists for other subject combinations here; Advertised TSC vacancies per Subject combinations.


See also;

Central Kiambu 147012063081 Ndarugu Sec Comp/͙
Central Kiambu 147012013135 Bibirioni Boys   Sec Comp/͙.
Central Kiambu 147012013081 Kijabe Girls sec Comp/͙, Bst/Geo
Central Kiambu 147012013006 Kambui Girls Sec Comp…,
Central Nyandarua 147012023027 Kibirigwi Girls Sec. Comp/…,
Central Nyandarua 147012023049 Kiburu Sec Boys Comp/͙
Central Nyandarua 147012073025 Gathera Sec. Comp/͙
Central Nyandarua 147012033013 Kiaguthu Boys Comp͙,
Central Nyandarua 147012033082 St Vincent Maragi Sec. Comp/…
Central Nyandarua 147012033014 Dr. Kiano Sec Comp/͙.
Central Nyandarua 147012073091 Karega  Sec. Comp/͙
Central Nyandarua 147012073016 Githunguri Girls Comp/͙
Central Nyeri 147012053001 Giakanja Boys Comp/͙.
Central Nyeri 147012053041 Mweru Sec Comp/͙
Central Nyeri 147012053028 Munyange Day Comp/Math
Coast Mombasa NEW Kaachonjo Mixed Day Sec Sch Comp/Bst
Coast Mombasa 147013043037 Marimani Mixed  Day Sec Sch Comp/͙.
Coast Mombasa 147013042000 Mombasa Sec Sch for P.H Comp/͙.
Coast Kilifi 147013073007 Marereni Mixed Day  Sec Sch Comp/Math
Coast Taita Taveta 147013053024 David kayanda Mixed Day Sec Sch Comp/Maths
Coast Taita Taveta 147013053071 Kituma Boys Boarding Sec Sch Comp/Bst
Eastern Embu 147014013014 Nguviu Boys Sec Comp/…
Eastern Embu 147014073008 Mayori Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Embu 147014013020 St.Teresa Girls Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Embu 147014073001 Siakago Boys Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Embu 147014013053 Mufu Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Kitui 147014033049 St. Mary’s Mutito Girls Comp/…
Eastern Kitui 147014033057 Katutu Girls Comp/…
Eastern Kitui 147014033022 St Ursula S S Tungutu Comp/…
Eastern Kitui 147014033011 St.Thomas Aquinas Kalawa Sec.Sch Comp/…
Eastern Kitui 147014033110 Thua Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Machakos 147014053137 Mbuani Sec Comp/…
Eastern Machakos 147014053171 Nguluni S.A Sec Comp/…
Eastern Machakos 147014053044 Kwanthanze Sec. Comp/…
Eastern Machakos 147014053047 Mitaboni Girls Comp/…
Eastern Machakos 147014053185 Kwawanzilu Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Makueni 147014043016 Kalulini High Sch Comp/…
Eastern Makueni 147014043031 St. Lawrence Nziu Comp/…
Eastern Makueni 147014043146 Kyuasini Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Marsabit 147014063013 Marsbit Mixed Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014113029 Ntuene Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014113017 Antuambui Boys Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014113001 Igembe Boys Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014083024 Katheri Boys Sec Sch Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014113047 Akithi Girls Comp/…
Eastern Meru 147014113022 Kibuline Sec Comp/…
Nairobi Nairobi 147011013077 Mwangaza Mixed Day  Sec Sch Comp/͙.
Nairobi Nairobi 147011013073 St. Annes Girls Boarding Sec Sch Comp/Maths
North Eastern Wajir 147015033016 Bute Girls Sec Sch Comp/Maths
Nyanza Kisii 147016013112 Nyabisase Sec. Comp/͙.
Nyanza Kisii 147016033079 Senior C. Musa N.Kegati  Sec. Comp/͙..
Nyanza Kisii 147016033012 Moi Gesusu Boys Comp/͙,
Nyanza Homa Bay 147016023013 Asumbi Girls Comp/Math
Nyanza Migori 147016053005 Kubweye Sec Comp/͙,  Math/Chem
Nyanza Siaya 147016093018 Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga Comp/..,
Rift Valley Baringo 147017063064 Uzalendo Mixed Secondary School Comp/…,
Rift Valley Baringo 147017023069 Chebonei Girls Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Baringo 147017023026 Chebilat Boys Secondary School Comp/͙,
Rift Valley Baringo 147017023177 Togomin Secondary School. Comp/͙,
Rift Valley Elgeyo Marakwet 147017033002 Tambach Boys Secondary School Comp/͙.,
Rift Valley Elgeyo Marakwet 147017033047 St. Thomas Kapchorwa Secondary School Comp/…,
Rift Valley Elgeyo Marakwet 147017083002 Chebiemit Boys Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Elgeyo Marakwet 147017043021 Kiluani New Life Secondary School Comp/͙,
Rift Valley Kericho 147017053046 Chilchila Mixed Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Laikipia 147017073029 Thiru Secondary  School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Nakuru 147017093037 Lanet Mixed Day Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Nakuru 147017093070 Nakuru Girls Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Nakuru 147017093291 Heshima Mixed Day Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Nakuru 147017093073 Mogoon Mixed Day Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Nandi 147017103054 Ndalat Gaa Girls Secondary School Comp͙, Eng/Lit
Rift Valley Narok 147017113002 Ole Tipis Girls Secondary School Comp/͙, Geo/Bst,   gric/Bio, Math/Chem
Rift Valley Trans Nzoia 147017143028 Goseta Boys Secondary School Comp͙, Kisw/Hist
Rift Valley Trans Nzoia 147017143127 Immaculate Heart Girls Secondary School Comp/͙͙
Rift Valley Trans Nzoia 147017143002 St. Josephs National High School- Kitale Comp/͙, Geo/Bst
Rift Valley Turkana 147017163028 Bishop Birech Girls Tilol Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Turkana 147017163037 Cengalo Mixed Secondary School Comp/͙.
Rift Valley Turkana 147017163052 Sosiyo Mixed Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Turkana 147017163077 St. Michael High Kipsombe Secondary School Comp/͙
Rift Valley Turkana 147017163133 Moi Barracks Mixed Secondary School comp/͙..
Western Bungoma 147018013143 Nzoia Sugar Girls Sec Sch Comp/͙
Western Bungoma 147018013394 Tembelela S.A Secondary School Comp
Western Bungoma 147018013035 Bishop Philip Anyolo Boys Sec Comp/͙
Western Bungoma 147018013164 Mitua Girls Sch Comp/͙
Western Vihiga 147018073014 Esalwa Boys  Secondary School Comp
Western Kakamega 147018043026 St.Agnes Girls High School – Shibuye Comp
Western Kakamega 147018053004 St Paul’S Lugari Boys Secondary School Comp/͙


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