Deadline for filing 2019 term 3 TPAD data by TSC Teachers: TSC Latest News
Deadline for filing 2019 term 3 TPAD data by TSC Teachers: TSC Latest News

Deadline for filing TPAD data by TSC Teachers: TSC Latest News

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has opened the portal for filing teachers’ term three (3) 2019 appraisal data. This is to allow teacher file their Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) data online.

TSC holds that teachers must continue uploading their performance appraisal data as per the Career Progression Guidelines. The Commission uses data captured on the TPAD system when considering teachers for promotions. Teachers who are yet to upload their data for term 3 now have until Tuesday 13th December, 2019 to do so. This is the deadline for both the Appraisee and Appraiser. For guide on how to use TPAD, click here:
Simplified TPAD user guide

The Appraisee is the individual teacher while the Appraiser is the immediate Supervisor. For example, in a secondary school, the Appraisee is the classroom teacher while the Head of Department or the Deputy Principal is the Appraiser. Individual teachers log onto the sytem to fill in their self appraised data, while the Heads of Departments or Deputy Principals log onto the system to enter their data on the appraised teachers’ performance.

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New System.

Meanwhile, TSC has created a new user friendly portal for capturing the appraisal data. The Commission has at the same time reduced the number of teaching standards to be appraised for teachers from the previous seven to five on its online appraisal portal.
To enhance implementation, the Commission has customized the TPAD tools targeting teachers serving in primary, secondary, special needs institutions and post secondary institutions, where, while the teaching standards are the same for all categories of teachers, performance indicators and verifiable evidence have been customized for various institutions.

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To access the new TPAD system here is the link to use; You will be expected to insert your ID No.

Click on “create account”. You will get an sms code on your phone. The new TPAD system will be in force effective term three 2019.

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