Education Ministry suspends students’ contests, talks and symposiums; Clarifies on activities to be allowed.

The Ministry of Education has suspended students’ inter school meetings due to increased indiscipline adding that any principal who hosts such meetings without express written authority from the Education office will be accountable for any eventualities reported.  This means that a number of students’ symposiums, talks and contests have been left in limbo.

Through a memo dated 21 May, 2019, the Nyanza Region Director of Education Richard Limo directs that all such meetings be suspended forthwith.

“This office is in receipt of several requests to have students converge in given schools for academic or other gatherings. Following the past encounters that have led to a number of indiscipline cases reported, this office in consultation with security agents has suspended any such
meetings forthwith,” directs Limo.

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Some schools and teachers who had organized for the meetings have been forced to call off the events.

Some events given nod.
Limo has though stated that all programmes organized and approved by the national office at Jogoo House will proceed as planned. “In light of this, the Interswitchpak National Science Competition should go on as planned,” he clarifies.

The County Directors of Education have also been allowed to make independent case by case decisions on the activities to give a green light; without involving the regional office.

“Further, you are expected to make decisions on case by case basis without making referrals to the Regional Director of Education However, this does not close room for consultations,” adds Limo.

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As such, not all meetings have been called off.

Some schools have Already experienced fires that have now become synonymous with second term.

Co-Curricular activities

The ongoing Co-curricular activities have not been affected by this latest directive.

“Students will only attend co-curricular activities following the programmes as laid down at every level (Zonal, Sub County, County etc). During these championships, all students will be accompanied by assigned teachers and officers who will ensure that discipline is maintained,” says the RCE.

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