Education Ministry to close all schools that do not meet requirements

The Ministry of Education has moved in to crack the whip on schools flouting the regulations. Through a circular dated September 26, 2019 the Ministry has directed for immediate closure of all schools that do not meet the Set Safety regulations thus exposing learners to dangers. This comes after the accident at Talents academy in Nairobi which claimed the lives of eight learners.

Here is the Circular by Dr. Belio k. Kipsang, CBS, the Education Principal Secretary;
“The Basic Education Act 2013 mandates the Cabinet Secretary to establish and maintain basic education learning institutions. According to the Act, the establishment of basic education learning institutions shall be guided by regulation
outlining the requirements and procedures to be followed in establishing and maintaining these institutions.

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It is in light of this that guidelines for registration of schools have been developed and which should strictly be adhered to.

It has been observed that some basic education institutions have been established without following due process. A number of institutions exist without registration certificates while others have failed to reapply for re-registration when their circumstances change.

These institutions are therefore existing illegally. Most of those institutions do not meet the minimum standards required of them to be registered and some of them have infrastructure that are below standard and which pose danger to the learners.

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In view of the foregoing, it has been decided that:-
i) Schools that are not registered with the Ministry of Education be closed and learners placed in public schools.

ii) All schools whose infrastructure standards have deteriorated and/or
altered since registration should have their registration certificate withdrawn and school closed immediately.

iii) Schools that have changed their status to be re-assessed for re-registration immediately. This includes schools that have increased their enrolment.

iv) All field officers together with other government agencies to carry out assessment of schools and make appropriate decisions before schools close
on the 25th October 2019.

v) Any school which has employed teachers not registered by Teachers
Service Commission be considered having failed to meet the guidelines and be closed immediately.

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vi) Parents with support of education field officers are asked to ascertain the registration status of the schools where their children are currently enrolled before end of third term.

All officers are instructed to carry out the exercise with diligence and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken against the officers concerned. Reports on implementation of this circular should reach this office by 31 October, 2019.”

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