Fadhili loans and app download; How to get and repay the loan easily

Mobile loans have become more popular for customers seeking quick loans. Unlike over the counter loans, mobile loans offer convenience and flexibility. Take for example if one had an emergency; that requires financial attention, over the weekend and on public holidays when most banking halls are closed! Such an individual will suffer a great deal. But thanks to mobile loans Apps, one can process the loans online and instantly. All what is required is a smart phone and you will get your loan instantly. Furthermore, mobile loans are paperless and thus very few requirements, if any, are needed. Again, there so many lenders providing loans online. The Mobile lenders have developed Apps that can be downloaded freely from Play Store. Here is one of the lenders providing such loans online.

Fadhili loans

Fadhili gives you access to fast and convenient loans to your M-Pesa. Use our loans to grow your business, pay your bills or deal with emergencies.
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Install Fadhili loan app from google play and create account and begin applyingFadhili will check how you have been using your phone to make calls, sms, data and how you use mobile money services such as M-Pesa. Fadhili will notify you of the amount of money you can apply for and explain the repayment terms

The Quick Loan Fadhili offer:

  1. Loan Amount: Ksh 300 ~ 300,000 Ksh
  2. Loan Term: The shortest tenor is 91 days, the longest is 365 days
  3. Fees: 12%
  4. APR: 12% Service Fee: They charge additional service fee to cover the cost of credit scoring,payment cost, and account management.

Loan calculator

The amount varies for loan amount requested Example: If the loan amount is Ksh 20,0000 for one year loan term with the total fees of 12%, then the APR will be Ksh 2,400 which is also the loan fee.
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