Full lists of Shortlisted Interns Per County; Narok

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has given an update on the advertised 10,300 teacher internship posts for Primary and Secondary Schools. According to the Commission, the lists of shortlisted applicants has been dispatched to all counties. “Applicants are advised that interviews shall be conducted at the county TSC offices. A list of applicants have been sent to each county,” reads a memo dated November 7, 2019 from Catherine Lenairoshi; of TSC Corporate Communications Office. According to instructions on the memo, the shortlisted Candidates are required to carry the following to the interviews; whose dates will be announced in due course:

  • i. A valid certificate of Good conduct
  • ii. A valid personal accident cover
  • iii. National ID card
  • iv. Disability card if any
  • v. Two passport size photographs
  • vi. KCSE certificate
  • vii. KCPE certificate
  • viii. Diploma / degree certificate and Transcripts
  • ix. Primary/secondary or college leaving certificate
  • x. Kra pin
  • xi. Bank plate

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Here is the list of Shortlisted Candidates in Narok County; the list contains the school name, list of shortlisted applicants, scores and their details:

School NameSubjectsTSC.NoNameMobileDoBGenderGrad.YrQualificationGPAScore%
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric835911CAROLINE JERUTO CHERUIYOT070687560718/06/1996F2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric827544CARREN  CHEPWOGEN0796420926.F20182nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric829618CHERUIYOT SAMBU RASHID0716385698.M2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric826095DOUGLAS ONYINKWA MOSOTA0705081439.M2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric781818ISAAC MOMANYI OYWERI070258022606/12/1993M2017B.Ed2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric798298JESCA  CHEPKOECH074115170403/12/1993F2017B.Ed2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric785599EDWARD NYAKUNDI ONGAKI070551090707/06/1994M2017Bsc+PGDE2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric817206DAISY  CHEPKEMOI070340002111/11/1994F2017B.Ed2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric785565JOYCE JEPCHIRCHIR kosgei071495449629/06/1993F2017B.Ed2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric808586GEOFREY MOTEGO JOMO072716105901/03/1994M2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric714881EVANS KIPKOECH KIRUI070876069910/05/1993M2016Dip.EdCredit45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric789280KIPYEGON BETT Denis072351963112/06/1994M2017B.Ed2nd Class Lower45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric829118ONYIEGO KEVIN ONSONGO0708189950,M2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric774151PURITY  CHEPKIRUI070327056304/09/1992F2016Dip.EdCredit45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric839446Victor Kipkoech LANGAT072787719228/03/1993M2018B.Ed2nd Class Upper45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric719960JONATHAN KIPTOO TUM072313773201/07/1988M2016Dip.EdCredit45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric758654Valentine  Cherono072588267808/05/1994F2016Dip.EdCredit45
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric821611JOEL MUNERIA kool074292460611/03/1994M2018Dip.EdDistinction40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric832070FESTUS KIPRUTO KIRWA079139322905/05/1994M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric825864GIBITI CHARLES NYAMATER0705356017..M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric828506TRUPHOSA KWAMBOKA MOBISA0725540083.F2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric845294EZEKIEL OMONDI ONDITI072826386731/10/1990M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric838663NAOMY LANGAT CHEPKEMOI071725060319/06/1996F2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric826135MUTAI SAMSON KIBET0718093636,M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric831643GILBERT  KIPROTICH072441352720/11/1993M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric842381MARCELLA  CHEPKIRUI079577382924/04/1996F2019B.Ed2nd Class Upper40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric831129ARON  CHERUYOT071532951121/11/1995M2018Bsc+PGDE2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric814849Victor Kipkosgei kiprop072437632220/10/1990M2018B.Ed2nd Class Lower40
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric797745JUDITH  CHEBET072015469513/08/1996F2018Dip.EdCredit35
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric806194GEOFFREY MAINA NDUNGU070164097202/12/1992M2018Dip.EdCredit35
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric846013JOYCE KIMETO CHEPKEMOI072740199116/12/1994F2017Dip.EdPass35
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric832266OMONDI GEORGE OCHIENG074232773904/07/1995M2018Dip.EdCredit35
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric848006VINCENT KIBET KIRUI070503288005/12/1995M2019B.Ed2nd Class Lower35
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric818245CHRISTINE ANYANGO AMISI079195085205/05/1993F2018Dip.EdPass30
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric792472Ezekiel Kipngetich Terer071466157804/04/1978M2016Dip.Ed,25
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric773687KIPNGETICH  LANGAT071293622920/08/1991M2016Dip.Ed,25
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric728331KEVIN MOSOTI AMENYA070660762128/07/1990M2016Bsc+PGDE,25
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric764640bismarck kibet metet074013854513/12/1990M2017B.Ed,20
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric754629Stephen Odhiambo Polo079922685124/11/1993M2017Dip+Tech.Ed,20
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric781163JAMES MUNGAI mwangi071329379017/03/1993M2017Dip.Ed,20
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric826161JUSTINE SIMBA MAGOMA0720873026,M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric817154VINCENT  TELE072798292507/12/1994M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric826355ONGAYO CYRUS NYABUTO0717979720,M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric833955WYCLIFF OKEROSI NYAUNDI070853058203/05/1995M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric830515THOMAS JUSTINE OTOIGO071565906712/04/1996M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric810575PAUL KIPROTICH RUTO072210363319/09/1994M2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric810976CLARE KOSKEI CHEPKIRUI072753930406/11/1995F2018B.Ed,15
Ole Tipis Girls S.s.Bio/Agric815633BONFACE KIMONGE KENYATTA074565897003/11/1992M2018B.Ed,15
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For full list of Shortlisted Candidates in this County, click on the link below;

Narok Secondary Interns Nov. 2019

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