• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Functions of TSC (OFFICIAL)

Jul 12, 2024

The Teachers Service Commission is an independent Constitutional Commission established under Article 237 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya (the Constitution) to regulate the teaching profession in Kenya. Article 237 (2) (e) of the Constitution mandates the Commission to exercise disciplinary control over registered teachers.

This mandate ought to be exercised in a fair, just and procedural manner that conforms to the principles of fair administrative action set out in the Constitution and the law. It is in this regard that the Commission has formulated the following Guidelines to regulate its disciplinary process for teachers.

The Functions of TSC

Under Article 237 of the Constitution the Commission is mandated to perform the following primary functions:-

  • To register trained teachers;
  • To recruit and employ trained teachers;
  • To assign teachers in its service to teach in various public schools;
  • To promote and transfer teachers;
  • To exercise disciplinary control over teachers;
  • To terminate the employment of teachers
  • Review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service;
  • Review the demand for and supply of teachers; and
  • Advise the National Government on matters in relation to the teaching profession.
  • Formulate policies to achieve its mandate;
  • Provide strategic direction, leadership and oversight to the secretariat;
  • Ensure that teachers comply with the teaching standards prescribed by the Commission;
  • Manage the payroll of teachers in its employment;
  • Facilitate career progression and professional development for teachers in the teaching service, including the appointment of head teachers and principals;
  • Monitor the conduct and performance of teachers in the teaching service; and
  • Do all such other things as may be necessary for the effective discharge of its functions and the exercise of its