New TSC Chairperson
New TSC Chairperson Dr Jamleck Muturi John.

NEW TSC CHAIRPERSON-  Dr Jamleck Muturi John has been nominated to be the new Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Chairperson. Dr. Muturi will be replacing the former Chairperson, Dr. Lydia Nzomo, who has since retired.

Dr. Muturi will serve for an initial term of three years; with an option of his term being extended. According to the TSC Act, the Commission Chairperson is supposed to serve for a maximum of 2 terms; of three years each (Totaling to six years). He beat six other contestants to emerge top in the interviews.


S/No Bio Data Description
1 Name Jamleck Muturi John
2 Marital Status Married
3 Present Post Chairperson TSC
4 Previous Post CEC: Education, Science and Technology, Embu County
5 Postal Address P.O. Box 793-60100 Embu, Kenya
6 Phone Number +254-0733-287234; +254-0720-369707
7 Email [email protected]


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S/No Course Institution Period
1 PhD in Agricultural Entomology Kenyatta University 2006-2011
2 Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management (HDHRM) Institute of Personnel Management (IPM (K)) 2004-2005
3 Masters in Science in Agricultural Entomology Kenyatta University 2001-2004
4 B.Ed. Science in Botany and Zoology Kenyatta University 1989-1991
5 K.A.C.E. (Advanced level) Chogoria Boys high School 1986-1987
6  K.C.S.E. (O-Level) Kamama Boys Secondary School 1982-1985
7  C.P.E. (Primary Level) Karau Primary School 1975-1981


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The new TSC Chairman is a man with a rich work experience. He started as a classroom teacher at St. Peters Kathakwa Secondary School (Embu) in 1991 and has risen through the ranks.

S/No Period Responsibility
1 2016 Feb-March Participated in Linnaeus-Palme teacher exchange program in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala Sweden
2 2015 August to 2021 CEC: Education Science and Technology and ICT- Embu County Government
3 2015 Jan- Aug 2015 CEC: Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources- Embu County Government
4 2013- 2014 CEC: Education Science and Technology and ICT- Embu County Government
5 2014 to date Coordinator in Linnaeus-Palme exchange program for Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden and Embu University College (EUC), Kenya
6 2013 Lecturer Embu University College
7 2013 to date Chairman Formal committee on Education (ACK Diocese of Embu)
8 2013 to date Lecturer Embu University College
9 2012- 2013 Lecturer Kenyatta University
10 2011 April to date Lecturer University of Nairobi (Part-time)
11 2011 Meru University College of Science and Technology (Part-time)
12 2011 to date  Kenya Coordinator in field course for Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) students on “Global Development, Natural Resources and Livelihoods” in Kenya
13 2010 to 2012 Vice-Secretary Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (Eastern, Branch)
14 2009 to 2012 Chairman Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (Embu East, Branch)
15 2008 to 2012 Principal Moi high school: Mbiruri High School (Embu)
16 2008 to 2012 Chairman ACK Secondary Heads Schools (ACK Diocese of Embu)
17 2008 to date Member of Standing Committee of Synod (ACK)
18 2005 to 2008 Principal Kavutiri High Boys School (Embu)
19 2003 to 2005 Head of Department Huruma Girls (Nairobi)
20 1999 to 2001 Principal St. Josephs M’tetu Secondary School (Embu)
21 1996 to 1999 Deputy Principal Nguviu Boys High Secondary School (Embu)
22 1991 to 1996 Assistant Teacher St. Peters Kathakwa Secondary School (Embu)



S/No Period Training
1 2015 Sept  Planning for teacher exchange in Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme for Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Embu University College (EUC)
2 2014 Aug-Sept Scholarly Capacity Building Exchange in Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Uppsala, Sweden
3 2010 (August) Trained on Bee Biology and Pollination Ecology at the National Museums of Kenya
4 2010 (March)  Attended the 11th Student Conference on Conservation Science
Cambridge University, Cambridge, U.K.
5 2009 (August) Attended 12th PhD Student Nordic Conference in Estonia
6 2008 (March) Trained on Collembola Taxonomy Stellenbosch University, South Africa
7 2004 (November) Participated in the Kenya Agricultural Research institute (KARI) Biannual Conference
8 2004 (December) Kenyatta University Postgraduate Seminar held between 6th and 10th December.
9 2003 (June) Participated in the African association of Insect Scientists (AAIS) Conference: ICIPE, Kenya
10 2002 Trained on data analysis and interpretation, SAS: ICIPE, Kenya


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