It is now possible for you to check your NHIF subscription status. You can easily check your NHIF Status online by visiting NHIF portal by using your device easily.

You can also check your NHIF status via SMS;

  1. Compose a new SMS.
  2. Type the letters “ID”, space, then your ID number (or passport number if applicable) e.g ID 12345678.
  3. Send to 21101.
What happens when you don’t pay NHIF?
If you have defaulted for over 12 Months, you can reactivate your card by paying KES 1,500. You will then have to wait for 60 days for the card to become active. You can pay via M-PESA Paybill, 200222 or at EQUITY, NBK, KCB, or CO-OP BANK. Ensure you pay regularly afterwards.
How do I know my NHIF arrears?
It is very easy to check your NHIF account contribution status via your phone.To Check NHIF Status, simply type ID ****** where ***** is your ID or passport number and send to 21101. You will get a reply with the name of your employer and the last month you paid your contribution.
How can I know my NHIF balance?
How to check NHIF status via SMS
  1. Go to the main menu on your mobile phone and compose a message.
  2. At the message space, type ‘ID’, a space followed by the ID number or the Passport number if applicable. …
  3. Send the message to 21101.
  4. You’ll receive a message after your NHIF account status has been processed.


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