Advert for training of Knec examiners in 2021
Advert for training of Knec examiners in 2021

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has advertised training opportunities for teachers to prepare them to become examiners for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The 2021 training will take place between 3rd and 9th October 2021.

In order to be trained you will be expected to pay Sh10,500. For more details see; Advert for knec training of examiners in October 2021.


Application for Knec examiners training is very simple. The application is done online by 25th September, 2021..

Follow the simple steps below;

  1. Access the Knec examiners portal using the link
  2. Those with Cp2 accounts and passwords, should log in to the portal using their usernames and passwords.
  3. Those without passwords should click on reset password button and enter their mobile number in the format 2547******** and submit to get their usernames and passwords.
  4. Those without Cp2 account, click on create account and follow the instructions to create your profile.
  5. Upon successful log in, complete your personal profile and save. On the dashboard click on apply for training and all the declared vacancies will be available for the trainees to choose.


  1. Application for knec examiners TSC number is 684648,I’d number 27409568,mobile number 079674033.

  2. Am trying to apply and am very interested in composition marking

  3. After uploading documents what next?

  4. Joymerica wanja

    Av uploaded the documents,,how about paying..which account are we using

  5. Whtat follows after uploading the documents

  6. What happens when one wants to delete the application and re apply

  7. I uploaded my documents early and never got the message

  8. Munene Peter Musili

    I applied last week for chemistry paper 3, but, had not uploaded the documents. I have been trying to open page 2 of 2 to no success, yet deadline is fast approaching. The ‘next’ command is not responding.

  9. Munene Peter Musili

    I am trying to open page 2 of 2 of entries so as to upload the documents, but, the page is not opening at all. Kindly help.

  10. Samuel gitonga gichobi

    Had not uploaded recommendation , but now it’s available, help coz unable to download

  11. Am trying to apply but on dashboard am being shown only two entries Insha and composition and yet i want biology how can I go about it?

  12. I’m having the same problem too

  13. I am David Omondi have already applied for 313/2 and have been shortlisted,I sent money for training fees now what next is there any step after that

  14. I made a mistake when applying , how do I cancel the application and reapply again?

  15. Linet Jepchirchir

    I had applied for examiner training and was shortlisted. I checked on 27th and deadline for payment is 25th . Can I still pay?

  16. How dd u know about the shortlisting

  17. I made application, I made payments.

    Now that you have not been selected, I request for the refund of my payments please. Thank you.

  18. I made application, I made payments.

    Now that I have not been selected, I request for the refund of my payments please. Thank you.

    NB: Typing error in the previous post.

  19. Josephine nganda

    I applied was shortlisted,made payment but no response yet.

  20. Do we have anybody who have been shortlisted for chemistry paper 2 or paper 3

  21. hello,
    i applied and was shortlisted for the marking of kiswahii insha KCPE…..meanwhile there is no further direction given on travel logistics ,where to go and so on. Can we please get further directive?

  22. Moses Kaniaru Gitau

    Still waiting for the message from knec I applied on 14/9/2021

  23. Everline Nabayi wakochwe

    Where is the venue for training? Waiting for communication .

  24. I applied, made payments and not shortlisted.MAY i be refunded PLEASE!

  25. Training starts on 3rd October but still no communication from knec on venue. Whats happening?

  26. Jeniffer Kamwai

    Is the training still on

  27. Was shortlisted and I was given the playbill to pay of which I paid, but no communication on venue etc

  28. Marking of ECDE exam. I did diploma.


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