KUCCPS is pleased to announce that the KUCCPS Application for 2022/2023 placement cycle has commenced and is currently only receiving applications from only the 2021 KCSE candidates.

This application and revision ends on Thursday June 2, 2022

After the revision, KUCCPS will process the applications on merit, guided by the performance of the student in the KCSE examination, available capacity, choices and affirmative action for persons with disabilities, gender and candidates from marginalized areas.

The process will end in the final selection of students for admission to TVET institutions and Universities which will be concluded by August 2022.

Selection to universities will cater only for the KCSE candidates while placement to TVET institutions will take care of other previous years up to the year 2000.

To ensure candidates join courses and institutions of their choice, a one-month window will be provided in May, 2022 for the selected students to apply for inter-institutional transfers.

KUCCPS Application Online Requirements

KUCCPS Application portal is the same as KUCCPS Student Portal https://students.kuccps.net

  1. KCSE Index No,
  2. KCPE Index No,
  3. Birth Certificate Number and in addition,
  4. Enough money in your Mpesa to pay for revision.

You will be charged a sum of Ksh. 1,000 if you had applied in School and Ksh. 1,500 if you had not applied in school.

Procedure for KUCCPS Courses and Programmes Registration

Step 1:

First, visit the KUCCPS registration page and click on Applications/Revision.

Step 2:

Input your index number in the top most tabs followed by the year you sat for KCSE examination then use your birth certificate number according to the information given to KNEC.

If you did not provide your birth certificate number during KUCCPS Registration then you should use your KCSE index number as the password.

Step 3:

All programmes have minimum subject requirements. You are supposed to apply for a course which you have met the minimum requirements, but the selection will be determined by the available capacity and overall performance.

After successfully logging in to the KUCCPS Student Portal, Click on COURSES/PROGRAMMES. You can also search for courses by institution, using the Institutions Tab.

When doing the selection you can move to the Course Basket those courses and programmes that interest you. This will shorten your list when preparing your final list of courses to apply for.

After you have finished choosing your courses, you will enter the Programme Codes. You will do this by using the Application/Revision tab.

Confirm that the Programme Codes entered correspond with the courses you would like to apply for then submit and follow the application fee payment instructions as below.


a) Pay the required amount through your mobile phone by Mpesa following the instructions below:

  • Go to M-PESA on your phone.
  • Select Pay Bill option.
  • Enter Business no. 820201.
  • Enter KCSE Examination year followed by 11 Digit INDEX NO e.g.202101234567891 as your account number. (no space)
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.

b) A payment confirmation message will be sent to you from Mpesa. On receipt of the confirmation, continue with the application process. Keep the Mpesa message since you will require the Mpesa transaction ID to confirm the changes made.

Step 5:

Log out when you have finalized with KUCCPS application. This will keep your KUCCPS Registration information in the KUCCPS Student Portal safe.

KUCCPS Application – Applicant Choices

  • Applicants with an overall grade of C+ and above will be allowed to make a maximum of 8 choices of both degree and diploma programmes
  • Applicants with an overall grade of C- and above but below C+ will be allowed to make a maximum of 6 choices from diploma programmes.
  • Choices 1(a), 1(b) and 1(c) must be similar programmes while Choices 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be any other programmes for both degree and diploma programmes

KUCCPS Application for Gender Affirmative Action

  1. Lowering by up to 2 points on the overall cut-off point for degree programmes for female applicants
  2. Lowering the specific programme cut-off points by up to 2 points subject to attaining of a representation of a third for either gender and not exceeding the declared capacity of the programme by more than 10%.

KUCCPS Application for Minority and Marginalized Groups Affirmative

  1. The minority and marginalized groups are as contained in the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) policy for identifying marginalized areas
  2. Lowering the specific programme cut-off points by up to 2 points subject to attaining 10% representation

KUCCPS Registration for Applicants with Disabilities

An application form to be completed by applicants with disabilities will be provided as a download on the KUCCPS website and must be certified by:

  • The head of the school
  • A registered medical practitioner
  • The National Council for Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD)

These application forms will be considered by the KUCCPS Board. The affirmative action will be by:

  1. Placing all degree applicants with overall grade of C+ and above and have visual or hearing impairment subject to meeting the minimum admission requirements for their degree choices.
  2. Lowering by 3 points below the overall cut-off point for degree programmes for applicants with physical impairment subject to meeting the minimum admission requirements for their degree choices.


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