The TSC online portal;
The TSC online portal;

Did you apply for a TSC job recently and you are wondering how to check your TSC Job Application Status Online? Well.You have no reason to worry. You can now get a step by step guide on how to do this.

The Commission Advertises for vacant Posts either for its Secretariat or in education institutions. The TSC Online System allows you to apply for any post you qualify for and gives you the opportunity to track every stage of processing up to Appointment. No Payments is required of any kind.

The Commission advertises promotion vacancies for teachers from time time. After submitting your application online you will be expected to check to see if you have been shortlisted. This can also be done via the TSC online system.

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How to check TSC Job Application Status online

1. You can check your TSC application status by visiting the TSC online services portal.

2. Visit this link;

3. Now click on ‘Registration Status’

4. Then enter your identity card or passport number and press go. You will receive your TSC registration confirmation.

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