Best Sites for Earning Money as a Student in Kenya

The online world is filled with possibilities for a regular student in Kenya. Even if you’re unaware of this, you can earn money in many ways in your free time. There’s no need to find a regular 9-5 job, as many gig jobs are ideal for students. 

Let’s look at some of the best sites you can use to make money in your free time while still staying focused on your studies. 

Upwork (Freelancing)

Upwork is the best site for earning money on the side. It’s the leading freelance site that brings together clients and freelancers in almost any industry that functions through the web. This includes content writing, translation, social media marketing, digital marketing, proofreading, and more. 

It’s hard finding work in the beginning, but once you get established, you’ll be able to find jobs that are way above the average pay rate in Kenya.

Fiverr (Freelancing)

Fiverr is similar to Upwork but more suited for beginners as you are the one advertising services, so you’re waiting for clients to find you, not the other way around. 

It’s the home of gig work and perfect for testing a side hustle, so you’ll be able to find work in various categories. It doesn’t matter what talent is, as long as people need that service, you’ll eventually find clients, especially if you charge little in the beginning.

Jumia Affiliate (Affiliate)

If you’re interested in affiliate work, Jumia’s affiliate program could be perfect for you. The site lets you join a standard affiliate program and gives you certain products to promote with specific links. 

You can promote Jumia Kenya products on social media, forums, or your own blog or website if you have them. You get a portion of the proceeds whenever an order is made with your link. 

Swagbucks (Reward program)

Swagbucks is excellent as it requires little to no work. It’s mostly about small tasks like watching videos and playing mobile games. In return, you get vouchers, prizes, and even cash. 

An excellent alternative to such forms of work are international betting sites in Kenya –, especially if you’re a savvy sports fan. With very little money and with the proper bonuses these sportsbooks are known to offer, you can get started with a few well-placed bets and increase your betting funds.

Paid Forum Posting (Paid Forum Posts)

This site, with a very intuitive name, pays for posting on forums. Paid Forum Posting typically requires you to make original posts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, but you’ll also get to post on other sites from time to time. 

Amazon Affiliate (Affiliate)

Amazon’s affiliate program is ideal for students looking to make some extra cash. Naturally, you must have a place to market the products, like a website or a blog, and you need to include affiliate links. 

You get a commission every time somebody purchases the product using your link, but it’s not as high as on other sites. However, it’s still Amazon, and people are likelier to buy something from it than from other sites. 

Transcribe Me (Transcription) 

Transcribe Me is a perfect site for students unsure of what skills they can cash in. It connects you with clients in need of transcription work. You are typically assigned audio files you need to transcribe. As most of the work is in English, the site is ideal for Kenyan students. 

The site pays as much as $20 per hour, and you can cash out as little as $1. 

GeoPoll (Surveys)

GeoPoll is a site that provides research data from surveys to its clients. However, regular people like you can create an account and participate in the surveys on offer. This will yield you credit you can subsequently redeem for mobile money and airtime. 

The great thing about it is that you’ll get more surveys the more you work because each completed survey increases your chances of being sent another. 

iRazoo (Reward program)

Another rewards-earning site, iRazoo, requires you to watch ads. All of them are paid, so you certainly won’t be wasting time as we all do when watching ads. The site also lets you watch other clips like trailers and short movies, answer survey questions, and play games for money. 

All in all, it’s similar to Swagbucks but still offers some unique tasks you might like more. 

4Writers (freelance writing)

If you’re good at writing, you should try 4Writers. It’s a site for freelance writers that sends writing orders whenever there’s something to work on. 

Once you pass its initial test, you could earn from $2 to $20 per page. However, it’s primarily academic, CV, and resume writing. 

Bottom Line

Many other money-making sites exist, but not all are good for Kenyan students. Many don’t work correctly in Kenya or pay very little, if anything. 

That’s why we’ve made sure to pick the ones that do. They can earn you some serious cash if you’re willing to invest your time and skills. 


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