Kenyan teachers are reeling from shock after reports that four Kenyan teachers have taken their own lives within one month in Nyamira County.

Yet many Kenyans of all ages, professions and gender continue to take their lives for various reasons.

But it is possible to identify a person with suicidal tendencies and avert the tragedy before it occurs. With the right skills and patience, you can spot the tell-tale signs and talk someone out of suicide.

Suicide is caused by, among others, family issues such as wrangles over land ownership, domestic violence, infidelity, separation, divorce and death of a close person schizophrenia and anxiety.

Other people may exhibit hopelessness, sleep disorders, moodiness and sudden changes in their personality such as withdrawal from their loved ones and keeping social and emotional distance.

Other causes are barrenness, sexual dysfunction, infections such as HIV, syphilis, herpes and gonorrhea and chronic conditions such as cancer.

Suicide is also caused by social isolation, drug abuse and alcoholism and mental disorders such as depression.

But regardless of the underlying issues, suicide can be averted if the signs are identified and dealt with in time.

These signs may vary from one person to another, depending on age, occupation, environment and gender. But the common indicators include a sudden carefree life.

“The teachers will be expected to improvise teaching and learning resources available in the environment.”

She added that the government had allocated Sh1 billion for the capacity building drive that targets to retool 116,024 secondary school teachers by the end of the year.


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