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How to know if you are a Kuppet member

Jul 12, 2024
How to confirm Kuppet membership. Here is the simplified online procedure.How to confirm Kuppet membership. Here is the simplified online procedure.

Confirming your Kuppet membership is very easy. Most teachers teachers in Secondary schools are now Kuppet members while a few are either in Knut or on agency. It is good that you join a union of your choice. This is because you get to benefit from CBA negotiations and defense from the union.

Remember you can only participate in Kuppet elections (either as an aspirant or voter) if you are a bonafide member.

In the last article, we gave you a full guide on how you can easily join Kuppet. You can still get the simplified procedure by clicking here.


You can easily confirm your Kuppet membership status. This can be done online by following the steps below;

  1. First, log onto your TSC online payslip portal. Follow this link; https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php
  2. Once logged in, Click on “My transactions”.
  3. Check the page that shows the list of all third party running deductions. These may include bank Loans, Sacco loans, HELB, BBF, Insurance premiums etc.
  4. In the row written “Swas Kuppet UNION dues”, you will see the deduction code on the extreme right end, which begins with ‘kuppet201……several digits’. This means you are a Kuppet member, and it applies to those who joined online.
  5. If you joined manually (by filling a form), you will see the word “UNION” or Kuppet Union. In this case, you are also a member.
  6. But, you should have all reasons to worry if you see the phrase “AGENCY FEE” anywhere on this page. This would mean you are not a Kuppet member, and you will not therefore take part in the Kuppet Elections and wont enjoy full services from the union.

If you are on agency, then you are not very safe. This is because you remit monthly agency fee to a union where you are not a full time member. In such a case, rush very fast and join Kuppet.