How to Mark the Attendance Register for 2022 Knec Contracted Professionals

The contracted professionals’ attendance register is marked by the Centre Manager on a daily basis during the examination period. This shall be carried out by the Centre Manager. To mark the register:

  • Visit the KNEC contracted professionals’ portal by using the address
  • To log in, Type the User name and password, as provided by the Sub County Director. These log in credentials are for the examination centre and not those of the Centre manager.
  • Once logged in, mark the daily attendance for the Supervisor, Invigilator, Security personnel and the centre manager. The attendance register is marked on a daily basis during the exam administration period for the centre.
  • For the November/December 2022 KCSE examination, the register will be marked between November/December 2022.
  • Mark the register online by indicating P (present) and Ab (for absent).
  • At the end of the exam administration period,the centre manager will then download the attendance register,countersign it and submit it to the Sub County Director.
  • It is important to note that any Knec contracted professional whose attendance is not marked online may miss his/her pay.

For any difficulties and/ or challenges, contact the Sub County Director or the KNEC officers by using the official contacts.


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