Replacing a lost KNEC Certificate.
Replacing a lost KNEC Certificate.
KCSE, KCPE CERTIFICATE REPLACEMENT- You can now easily replace your lost KNEC certificate. The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, issues a certificate to candidates after sitting various examinations. A Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, is awarded to candidates after sitting their National examination tests at class eight.
  While, a Kenya Certificate of secondary Education (KCSE) is issued to form four students after sitting for national examinations.
  Once these certificates are lost, one can apply for a confirmation slip from the Kenya National Examinations Council. Remember, you will not be given a certificate but just a slip.


The following documents will be required when making an application for a lost KNEC certificate.


  1. Copy of the certificate [s] or result slips[s]. You must be having a copy of your lost KNEC certificates and this is a mandatory requirement.
  2. Letter of recommendation from head teacher of the school attended or from CEO( County Education Officer)/SCEO ( Sub-County Education Officer) for private candidates or for those their schools have been closed down addressed to KNEC; [Original Mandatory]
  3. Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant; [Original Mandatory]
  4. Letter of recommendation from employer to KNEC; [Original Mandatory]
  5. Police Abstract indicating of loss of certificate; Report should be done at the point of loss. [Original mandatory]
  6. Copy of Identification Card [ID]/Passport or Birth Certificate for those under 18 years.The name on Birth Certificate/ID Must tally with those used during Examination.Those who have changed their names legally must attach the legal documents they used to change their name. E.g. marriage certificate for women or the copy of Gazette the changed name appears. [Mandatory]. hiApplication with differing Examination details will not be processed.
  7. KNEC bank deposit slip; Should be original and is Mandatory


You will be required to pay a mandatory processing fee to KNEC.

The fees required for Replacement Certificate is Sh5,000 plus a 16% VAT of Sh800. This totals to Sh5,800 per certificate. The fees should be paid at KNEC collection accounts in any branch of the following banks:

  1. Equity Bank
  2. Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  3. National Bank of Kenya
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank[KNEC deposit bank slips are available in these banks]

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Get the lost certificate application form and fill it carefully;
  • The application form can be obtained from the KNEC Archive and record office or downloaded from the KNEC website See copy below, here.
  • Applicants are expected to complete the application form when requesting for a replacement certificate and submit it to the council secretary
  • The applicant must appear in person and should be collected by the owner in person.
  • Certificate MUST be collected within two years otherwise it might be disposed off without communication.
  • Applicant must be aware that once payment is made there is no Refund.
  • Applicants MUST ensure that their certificate are LOST or DESTROYED before applying for replacement.
The KNEC lost certificate replacement application form.
The KNEC lost certificate replacement application form.
The KNEC lost certificate replacement application form.
The KNEC lost certificate replacement application form.
Required Information

The following details are mandatory. Ensure you have the information before proceeding to filling the form;

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address and contact information
  • School or Examination Center
  • Full index Number
  • Name of the Examination KCPE/KCSE,KCE,CPE
  • Year of examination
  • National ID
  • Applicant signature
  • Proof of payment


After correctly filling out your form, you will send it to KNEC through the postal offices or Courier service providers like G4S. Send the form plus other required documents enclosed in the same envelope to;

Council Secretary/Chief Executive
Kenya National Examinations Council
P.O Box 73598 – 00200,
City Square,


The certificates are usually ready for collection after a duration of sixty (60) working days from the KNEC offices.

The replacement certificate should be collected in person by the owner by presentation of original passport/ID. Minors are to be accompanied by one of the parents with original ID.

Certificates that will not have been collected within 2 years from date of application will be disposed off without further communication and No refund.

How do I know if my certificate has been processed?

You can use the Query Management Information System (QMIS) to check the processing status of your certificate. Use the link;

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