How to view and follow leaner progress on CBA KNEC Portal


1. Access CBA portal through the KNEC website: by clicking CBA PORTAL or by using the URL:

2. Click on View Learner Details button

3. Select a Grade / Level

4. Type Assessment Number of the learner

5. Click on Find button to view learner details

The following learner’s details shall be displayed:

• Assessment Number • Current Pathway
• Name
• Grade/ Level
• Gender
• Learning Areas with Scores
• School Code
• Learning Areas with Missing Scores
• School Name

In case of any query please contact your child’s school As a parent, know ….

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• Your child’s assessment number:

The Assessment number is given at Grade 3 and it is
used to track progress in all Grades in Basic

• The assessments your child is undertaking:

Use your child’s assessment number to check the assessments done and submitted to KNEC by the school using the link

• How to support your child at each stage:

Work with your child’s teacher to use assessment feedback and reports to nurture your child’s potential.

As a Parent, support your child’s assessment by:

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1. Providing an enabling environment, conducive to carrying out assessment.

2. Instilling values and promoting positive attitudes towards assessments.

3. Providing resources for extended assessment activities.

4. Monitoring the child’s progress and providing more opportunities to succeed.

5. Informing the teacher of any specific educational
needs you note in your child for support.

6. Using the feedback from assessments to motivate your child on acquiring competencies.

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