According to IEBC, the voting procedure across all the polling stations will begin with voter identification and end with the voter leaving the polling station.

Polling stations will be opened at 6am and closed at 5pm.

1. Voter enters polling station with 1D/Passport.

A voter enters a polling station carrying their Identification Card (ID) or a valid Kenyan passport and line up. If there is not line they can proceed to the next step.

2. Voter identified and authenticated using KIEMS kit

Every voter will be needed to provide a polling clerk with an ID or a valid Kenya passport for identification.

The clerk will then check your name electronically using the KEIMS kit. The process will verify if your name has been registered to that specific polling station and if they are eligible to vote.

If the voter is cleared they proceed to the next step.

3. Voter issued with 6 stamped ballot papers.

The voter will then be issued with 6 stamped ballot papers.

The papers include those of a presidential candidate (in white), Governor (blue), Senator (yellow), Member of Parliament (pink), Women representative (green) and Member of County Assembly (beige).

4. Voter marks the ballot papers secretly.

With the ballot papers, the voter heads to a private booth where they mark the papers, choosing their preferred candidate.

In each paper a voter will mark (a tick or a cross) against their candidate. A voter should not use both symbols but only use one. Also, make sure to mark inside the box.

Using more than one symbol , or any other symbols, or even marking outside the indicated box, leads to that ballot becoming a spoilt vote.

A spoilt vote does not count towards the total votes of a voter’s preferred candidate for any of the six positions.

5. Voter casts ballot papers in the labelled ballot boxes.

Once marked the papers satisfactorily, the candidate will head to cast his vote into each ballot box provided for each position in the election. The color of the lid corresponds to the color of the ballot paper.

The voter should ensure they place each vote in the proper box. Failure to do so makes the vote that appears in the wrong box to become a spoilt vote.

This is done in the presence of the Presiding Officer and the full view of the party agents.

6. Voter’s finger marked with indelible ink.

The voter will then approach a clerk who will be having a marker pen ready to ink their small finger “pinky” or the space between the index and middle finger.

The ink in indelible (not removable easily). It acts as proof that one has voted and prevents one to come back to vote for a second or third time.

7. Voter leaves Polling Station

The voter will then leave the station and should not remain within the premise of the polling station.


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