Have you been shortlisted and invited for the 2022 IEBC jobs? Here are some questions and answers to expect.

IEBC Interview sample questions

1.Define; BVR, IEBC, IEDS
2. State six elective positions
3. Identify four core values of IEBC
4. In two sentences explain how u can assist IEBC to ensure a fair and credible elections.
5. Identify five key activitiest that take place prior to the election.
6. Highlight the duties and responsibilities of a clerck.
7. Who is incharge of a polling station.


1. Biometric voter registration, Independent electrol and bounderies commission, Intermidiate Electrol divice systems
2. President, governor,senator, m.p, women rep, M.C.A
3. Integrity, accountable, nonpartisan, fairness, honest,
4. Being just, being fair And commited
5. Voter registration, voter education, training of officials, voter verification
6. Marking layout to voters, issuance of baLlot papers to voters, counting, cleaning the station, taking other duties assigned by the presiding officer,
7. Returning officer


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