IEBC job vacancies 2021-2022
IEBC job vacancies 2022


1.Define; BVR, IEBC, IEDS
2. State six elective positions
3. Identify four core values of IEBC
4. In two sentences explain how u can assist IEBC to ensure a fair and credible elections.
5. Identify five key activitiest that take place prior to the election.
6. Highlight the duties and responsibilities of a clerck.
7. Who is incharge of a polling station.


1. Biometric voter registration, Independent electrol and bounderies commission, Intermidiate Electoral Device systems.

2. President, governor,senator, m.p, women rep, M.C.A

3. Integrity, accountable, nonpartisan, fairness, honest,

4. Being just, being fair And commited

5. Voter registration, voter education, training of officials, voter verification

6. Marking layout to voters, issuance of baLlot papers to voters, counting, cleaning the station, taking other duties assigned by the presiding officer,

7. Presiding officer

*Be forearmed*



“`1. Wafula Chebukati – Chairperson
2. Juliana Cherera – Vice Chairperson
3. Francis Wanderi – Commissioner
4. Justus Nyangaya – Commissioner
5. Irene Masit – Commissioner
6. Prof. Abdi Guliye – Commissioner
7. Boya Molu – Commissioner“`

*Role of a Presiding Officer*

• controls the admission into the polling station;

• assists voters who require assistance;

• controls the flow of voters in the polling stations;

• supervises polling officials;
ensures the security of election materials;

• administers the oath of secrecy to voter assistants;

• briefs the agents on their roles and responsibilities at the polling station before polling starts;

• provide information on the number of registered voters and voter turnout at the polling station;

• regularly updates the Returning Officer on the voter turnout and any other emergencies;

• counts and tallies votes cast;
announces election results in a designated polling station;

• signs the official results declaration forms in a polling station;

• transmit result electronically to the national and constituency tallying centres;

• hands over the official results to the Returning Officer at the constituency tallying centre;

• performs any other duties assigned by the Returning Officer.

*Role Of Deputy Presiding Officer*

✓ deputises the Presiding Officer;
performs the duties assigned to them by the Presiding Officer;

✓ ensures safe retrieval of election materials.


  1. May I doing online interview for the position of clerk.because am not aware


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