IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Articles 88(4) and 177 (1) (a) of the Constitution, section 4 of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011, Sections 38, 39 (1) and (1A) (i) of the Elections Act, 2011 and Regulation 83 (1) (a), (e), (f) (i) and (g) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012 the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission hereby declares that the persons whose names are listed in the schedule hereunder were elected as members of the various County Assemblies having received the majority of the votes cast in the election held 9th August, 2022 and complied with the provisions of the Elections Act, 2011 and the Constitution.

And that;

a) The respective Codes to the Counties are listed in the First Column to the schedule.
b) Every County name is listed in the Second Column to the schedule.
c) Each Constituency is assigned a Constituency Code number in the Third Column to the schedule.
d) The names of the Constituencies are specified in the Fourth Column to the schedule.
e) Each County Assembly Ward is assigned a Code number in the Fifth Column to the schedule.
f) The names of the County Assembly Wards are specified in the Sixth Column to the schedule.
g) Every Surname of the elected member is listed in the Seventh Column to the Schedule.
h) The other names of the elected member are listed in the Eighth Column to the Schedule.
i) The elected member’s Political Party/ Independent name is indicated in the Ninth Column to the schedule.
j) The abbreviation of the elected member’s Party /Independent abbreviation is indicated in the Tenth Column to the schedule.
k) The votes garnered by the elected persons are indicated in the Eleventh Column to the schedule.

County Name Constit uency Code Constituency Name County Assembly Ward
County Assembly Ward Name Surname Other Names Political Party Name Abbreviatio n Votes Garnered
07 Garissa 027 Garissa
0131 Waberi Sugow Abubakar Haji Kenya African
National Union
KANU 1661
07 Garissa 027 Garissa
0132 Galbet Khalif Abubakar
ODM 3012
07 Garissa 027 Garissa Township 0133 Township Dagane Hussein Mohamed United Democratic
UDA 1178
07 Garissa 027 Garissa
0134 Iftin Ahmed Musdaf
Amani National
ANC 1360
007 Garissa 028 Balambala 0135 Balambala Daar Abdi Ibrahim Jubilee Party JP 1,318
007 Garissa 028 Balambala 0136 Danyere Aden Idris Ismail United Democratic
UDM 1,694
007 Garissa 028 Balambala 0137 Jarajara Durow Adan Hussein United Democratic
UDM 765
007 Garissa 028 Balambala 0138 Saka Abdullahi Abdiweli Aden Jubilee Party JP 832
007 Garissa 028 Balambala 0139 Sankuri Ali Abdirahman Mohamed United Democratic Movement UDM 1,304
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0140 Modogashe Ibrahim Mahat Abdikadir Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 1732
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0141 Benane Nurow Abdiqayum Sugow Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 720
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0142 Goreale Sadik Fakrudin Haji United Democratic
UDA 722
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0143 Maalimin Farah Hajir Mahat National Agenda
NAP-K 1002
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0144 Sabena Abdi Issa Aden National Agenda Party NAP-K NO CONTEST
007 Garissa 029 Lagdera 0145 Baraki Noor Hassan Dahir United Democratic
UDA 1,669
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0146 Dertu Odowa Aden Hassan United Party Of
Independent Alliance
UPIA 1,343
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0147 Dadaab Farah Mohamed Abdi Wiper Democratic WDM 1,267
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0148 Labasigale Abdisalat Mohamed Sheikh Wiper Democratic Movement WDM 1,215
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0149 Damajale Hassan Omar Abdi Wiper Democratic
WDM 3,191
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0150 Liboi Sheikh Ahmed
Kenya African
National Union
KANU 1,406
007 Garissa 030 Dadaab 0151 Abakaile Dahiye Hajir Mohamed United Party Of
Independent Alliance
UPIA 3,148
007 Garissa 031 Fafi 0152 Bura Haret Ali Abdihakim Jubilee Party JP 861
007 Garissa 031 Fafi 0153 Dekaharia Aden Ahmed Noor African National
ANC 996
007 Garissa 031 Fafi 0154 Jarajila Farah Noor Sheikh Kenya African
National Union
KANU 1,147
007 Garissa 031 Fafi 0155 Fafi Kolosho Hassan Adan United Party Of
Independent Alliance
UPIA 802
007 Garissa 031 Fafi 0156 Nanighi Sigat Abdullahi Ibrahim United Democratic
UDA 1,062
007 Garissa 032 Ijara 0157 Hulugho Said Adow Omar National Agenda
Party Of Kenya
NAP-K 1,922
007 Garissa 032 Ijara 0158 Sangailu Abdi Abdi Muhyadin National Agenda
Party Of Kenya
NAP-K 1,956
007 Garissa 032 Ijara 0159 Ijara Muhumed Abdirahman Muktar Jubilee Party JP 1,978
007 Garissa 032 Ijara 0160 Masalani Ibrahim Yunis Abdi National Agenda
Party Of Kenya
NAP-K 3,251


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