TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia at a past event.
TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia at a past event.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has finalized the interview results for teachers who attended interview for promotions conducted in February 2021. The interviews were carried out between February 8 and 19, 2021 at designated TSC County offices countrywide.

A total of 32,431 teachers who were shortlisted and interviewed have been promoted to fill the 15,226 available vacancies. The Commission has appointed 1,341 successful applicants to the Deputy Principal I grade and another 1,096 to the Deputy Principals II grade.

Equally,  6,680 lucky teachers in grade C3 (Formerly L) have been promoted to grade C4 (Senior Master IV) which is the entry grade to the administrative positions in Post Primary Learning Institutions.

According to data released earlier by TSC, Kiambu County recorded the highest number of applicants at 1,717. Kisii came in second with 1,673 applicants while Kakamega had 1,488 applicants.

Surprisingly, ten counties had no applicants who made it to the final list of shortlisted candidates. The Counties are: Kilifi, Lamu, Laikipia, Marsabet, Meru, Mombasa, Garissa, Mandera, Nairobi and Uasin Gishu.

During the interviews, the Commission was criticized for using a marking scheme that favoured teachers in well performing schools.

For instance, teachers with a low mean score in the last three years then they were poorly rated during the interviews. The maximum mark for a teacher with a mean of 11 (A- minus) and above was set at 20. Whereas a teacher with a mean of below 2 (D- minus) was awarded one mark only.

Another scoring area used was the improvement index; with teachers who had recorded a positive improvement of 2 and above garnering 20 marks.

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) rating was also given weight same as a teacher’s professional development.

A salary increment and redeployment awaits teachers who will be make it to the final promotion list.

In generating the final promotion list, the Commission will consider the following:

(a) merit and ability as reflected in the teacher’s work, performance and results;
(b) seniority and experience as set out in the scheme of service; and
(c) academic and professional qualification of the teacher.

TSC promotion results and lists 

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced the promotion results for about 16,000 teachers. TSC says it has promoted 16,152 teachers following successful interviews conducted in December 2020 and February 2021.

Teachers have been waiting patiently for the promotions which come with increased salaries. About promotion letters, the Commission says they will be dispatched to Counties where teachers will pick them as schools reopen for third term.

“Letters on the outcome of the interviews are in the process of being sent to all teachers who were interviewed.” Says Dr. Nancy Macharia (the TSC Chief Executive Officer).

Successful teachers will receive SMS notifications on when to collect their letters.

“The Commission will communicate to all teachers who were interviewed through the existing official communication channels.” Adds Dr. Macharia.

The lists of promoted teachers have been dispatched to the TSC County offices.

Those promoted will be substantively appointed to fill the various administrative vacancies in many schools.

The filled vacancies

The promoted teachers will fill the 1,341 vacancies for Deputy Principal I and another 1,096 vacancies for Deputy Principals II. Similarly 6,680 teachers have been promoted from grade C3 (Formerly L) to grade C4 (Senior Master IV); which is the entry grade to the administrative positions in Post Primary Learning Institutions.

S/No. Position Advert No. Scale
1 Deputy Principal I 5/2020 13 (D3)
2 Deputy Principal Ii 6/2020 12 (D2)
3 Senior Lecturer I 7/2020 12 (D2)
4 Deputy Principal III 8/2020 11 (D1)
5 Curriculum Support Officers 9/2020 10 (C5)
6 Head Teachers 10/2020 10 (C5)
7 Senior Master IV 11/2020 9 (C4)
8 Deputy Head Teacher II 12/2020 9 (C4)
9 Senior Lecturer IV 13/2020 9 (C4)
10 Senior Master IV 14/2020 9 (C4)


Adverts Nos. 14/2019 to 35/2019

  • Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher II serving under
  • Career Progression Guidelines for teachers (Re-advertisement)
  • Secondary Teacher I (C3/T-Scale 8) for teachers serving under Career Progression Guidelines.
  • Positions for Secondary Teacher 1 & 11, Senior Master, Deputy Principal, Primary Teacher 1, Senior Teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Headteachers for teachers serving under career progressions in Asal areas.

Number of teachers promoted per job group.

S/No. Position Advert No. Scale No of teachers promoted
1 Deputy Principal I May-20 13 (D3)


2 Deputy Principal IIS Jun-20 12 (D2)


3 Senior Lecturer I Jul-20 12 (D2)


4 Deputy Principal III Aug-20 11 (D1)


5 Curriculum Support Officers Sep-20 10 (C5) 209 
6 Head Teachers Oct-20 10 (C5)


7 Senior Master IV Nov-20 9 (C4)


8 Deputy Head Teacher II Dec-20 9 (C4)


9 Senior Lecturer IV 13/2020 9 (C4)


10 Senior Master IV 14/2020 9 (C4)



  1. Renson kakuko Loriono

    Kindly, let me know if l succeeded in the Feb, 2021 senior master iv promotional interview.Thanks my TSC no : 557894

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    Kindly.let me know if I succeeded in the Nov. 2021 C4 deputy headteacher 11 promotional interview. Thanks my Tsc no 421292

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  5. Kenedy mokua Nyangoto

    Please refer to 2019 cba payment schedule where I believe i was wrongly captured as snr tr 1 instead of DHT2 and paid less than them inspite of being in the same job group before 2017. paid sh51632 while snr trs were getting sh51927. I have been a DHT for more than 20 years. No salary adjustment and arrears payment have been done.Now paid sh55604.i thought grade c4 trs were elongated ,where have my arrears payment backdated to 1st july,2017 gone? Tsc 339793 ,[email protected] com.

  6. Kindly let me know the outcome of February interviews.for C5 my tsc no 344189

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    Mwalimu David Wambua.
    Kindly correct my details where I have been injob group KK since 2015 and have stagnated in the same group as Senior teacher 2 in MAY 2021 where my basic salary was revised downwards and wrongly grouped as Secondary teacher 2,my work station changed and I have never transferred since 2017. So kindly correct my details since I have written severally both hard copy and soft copy thanks

  8. Kindly need to know whether interview November 2021 results are out tsc 231221


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