KMTC Public Health Certificate & Diploma Courses – Requirements, How To Apply, Fees, Duration

The Department offers
programmes in Certificate, Diploma (Pre-service and Upgrading) and Higher Diploma
Course Duration KMTC Campus Where Course is Offered Minimum Entry Requirements
Certificate Public Health 2 years Selected  KMTC Campuses KCSE  Mean  Grade  of  C-,  with  C-  in English  or  Kiswahili,  D+  in  Biology  / Biological  Sciences,  D  in  Mathematics and; D in any one of the following: Home Science,  Physics,  Chemistry,  Agriculture, Building Construction, Technical Drawing, Electricity or Wood Work
Diploma Public Health (Pre- service) 3 years Selected  KMTC Campuses Mean Grade C, C in English or Kiswahili and Biology/Biological Sciences
C-  in  Mathematics  and  any  one  of  the following:      Physics/Physical   Sciences, Chemistry
Public Health (Upgrading from Certificate to Diploma) 2 years Selected  KMTC Campuses Certificate in Public Health (Environmental Health Sciences)
Higher Diploma Food Science and Inspection 1 year Nairobi Diploma in Public Health (Environmental Health Sciences)
Solid Waste Management Diploma in Public Health (Environmental Health Sciences)
Occupational Health and Safety Diploma  in  any  of  the  following:  Public Health, Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Dental Technology,    Orthopaedic    Technology, Occupational    Therapy    and    Medical Engineering
Epidemiology Diploma   in   Public   Health,   KRCHN, Clinical   Medicine,   Medical   Laboratory Sciences,   Pharmacy,   Nutrition,   Health Records & Information, Community Oral Health



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