KMTC Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme Hailed as one of the Best Performing in the Country

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme (SRBS) has been hailed as one of the best performing scheme in the country.

This was revealed by the Board Chairperson Amb. Zachary Muburi-Muita who attributed the high performance to the scheme’s sponsor (the KMTC Board of Directors) contributing the maximum mandatory contributions allowed by Government for each member.

Amb. Muita reported this during member education fora organized by the scheme to its members throughout the country.

“You are fortunate to be engaged in this kind of a discourse with your employer as it provides a forum for public participation to broaden ownership,” he said.

The Chairperson reported that the College Board of Directors remains committed to strengthening the scheme to provide retirement opportunities for staff.

“Nobody has enough money. Even the rich are still looking for more money,” he reported, urging them to live within their means and save for their retirement.

Board of Trustees Chairperson Mr. Hillary Rotich thanked the College Board for their commitment to the well-being of the staff.

He, however, urged members to take advantage of the education fora to arm themselves with knowledge on how to secure their retirement to avoid facing the challenges that come with it.

In the scheme each, member contributes 10 percent of their salary while the Board contributes an additional 20 percent.



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