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The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, examiners portal can be accessed by KCSE and KCPE examiners by using the link The portal is used by teachers to apply for KNEC examiners training.

You can also log into the portal to download your Knec examiners marking invitation letter.


Once logged into your account, you will be expected to update your personal details. The following fields must be filled correctly:

S/no Required Information
1 Full Name
2 Year Of Birth
3 Gender
4 National ID No.
6 Email
7 Highest level of study
8 Name of Education Institution
9 Name/Title of Course
10 Period of Study
11 Employer
12 Employment/ PF No.
13 Name of institution/Workplace
14 When started working
15 County/ Sub County
16 Next of kin details.

How to Login and download your marking invitation letter

Invited examiners should follow the following steps to download their marking letters and instructions:

  1. Log onto the portal by clicking on this link;
  2. Then, enter your User Name and Password and click on ‘Login’. In case you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Rest Password’ and it will be sent via sms.
  3. Once logged in, Select either ‘Accept contract’ or ‘Reject’.
  4. If interested, click on ‘Accept Contract’ followed by ‘Download (Year i.e 2021) Marking Invitation Letter’.
  5. In case you wish to update your details, then select update profile and edit your data and finally click on Save.
  6. In the table below, click on ‘View’ to access your marking invitation letter.
    i.e 2021 Kcse i.e 233/1 Examiner View

Alternative Way on How to download your Knec marking invitation letter

To download the KNEC marking invitation letters, follow the prompts below:

  • Go to your browser (Google, Chrome, Opera) and type in this address: or just click on the link.
  • In the new window, press on ‘CLICK HERE TO PROCEED.”
  • Enter your User Name (ID NO.) and Pass Word (TSC NO.) and select, ‘Log in’.
  • Once logged in, now select: ‘ACCEPT OFFER’. A prompt will be displayed on your screen/ window to show that the offer has bee recorded, thus: ‘Your offer acceptance has been saved’.
  • To download your marking invitation letter, click on: ‘DOWNLOAD YOUR LETTER’.
  • You can then print your letter or save it on your local device.

Note: You can only access your invitation letter once KNEC posts it in the portal.


  1. Sipher awino ouma

    Hi, I’m requested to apply for training if I open the portal yet I had trained in 2019. How do I access my invitation letter?

  2. Hi …
    I trained in 20 18 and still being informed to apply for the same; what can I do to access my letter?

  3. When will we get our dues as examiner’s for 2020 exam

  4. Hi, am trying to log into my account but all in vain, tried to reset password several times but still in. .but if I try with another device it’s successful. .what’s the problem with my device?

  5. Have the problem of login my knec account ,what is the problem?

  6. I have tried to login with the new password given but couldn’t go through. I’ve also tried to reset password but still keeps on telling me that invalid username or password. I wanted to. Apply for training, 313/2


    i am unable to log in. asked to reset pasword but not reflecting

  8. Please help me, i have also tried but no password sent

  9. hi. i greate account for examiner training but it has refuse to allow allow log in with the password

  10. Please help, I have tried to create account but no password and username sent to my number

  11. I to reset my password but no new password is sent to my phone number please help

  12. I applied for training and uploaded documents except recommendation letter, I have locked in today and found status reading rejected because of missing recommendation letter. I have however uploaded the document, what shall be the fate?

  13. Asking the same too. I hope they consider us

  14. Iam trying to upload my scaned document in vain.will i need all in pdf only?what is my fate if i dont have one document?the registration certificate.

  15. Roselyne Kasili

    Hi am Roselyne have visual impairment and was trying to apply for KNEC training Kiswahili KCSE pp1 code 102/1 but by bad luck I selected KCPE Pp1 am trying to delete but in vain what will I do?

  16. I mistakenly clicked on the apply Icon for the wrong paper. I never uploaded any details. I then applied for the correct paper and uploaded all details…. Now the application was. Rejected.. What can I do I really need to be trained..

  17. Have tried creating an account since but no password sent to my phone. Kindly help out

  18. Dominic Boru Wako

    The deadline for Knec Training will be on 25th As advertised.

    Why is portal closed fives day earlier?

  19. Jonathan Lekenit

    Have logged in application for training in KCSE ENG but only showing KCPE and no columns/rows for KCSE.
    What can I do?

  20. Alex nyamu wangu

    Kindily I have filled in that file for training but ingne haileti nafasi ya kuaapload documents. Kindily help

  21. I applied for being examiner and uploaded all the needed scanned documents. My application was rejected stating that required documents missing. I wonder why.

  22. I applied for being examiner and uploaded all the needed scanned documents on PDF. My application was rejected stating that required documents missing. I wonder why yet I UPLOADED ALL THE 7. I really feel disappointedand truly “rejected” as the really harsh word used to respond on my status!


  23. I too no success
    Where is the problem


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