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The Kenya National Union of Teachers, Knut, has come out to dispel assertions that it has eased opposition to implementation of the new Competency Based Curriculum, CBC. This after reports emerged in the media that the giant teachers’ union delegates advised their general secretary Hon Wilson Sossion to soften his spirited opposition to the new Curriculum. Here is the response from Hon Sossion;

“The Kenya National Union of Teachers would like to take this earliest opportunity to correct misleading media reports that the giant teachers ‘Union has softened its stance on its push for the suspension of the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and clarify as follows:-

1). Though the Union welcomes the move to engage the Government on negotiations on the new curriculum with a view of finding the way forward, the Union’s position remains the same on the principles and matters of procedure as regards the development and eventualroll-out of CBC. The Union has not engaged in reverse gear, our stand is final as previously stated.

2). Implementing CBC without conducting proper Summative Evaluation of the pilot phase and stating necessary changes as recommended by experts will do serious harm to learners’ education.

3). To this end, we maintain our position, whereby we recommended a four pronged approach of implementation of the new curriculum on a pilot phase between 2020 and 2021, formative, Internal summatlve and external summatlve evaluation reports in 2021 and national Implementation of the revited curriculum in 2024.

All these will go along way to addressing the concerns the Union has raised and the pertinent issues contained in Professor Laban Ayiro’s report.

KNUT has therefore not softened its stance towards the push of suspending the implementation of CBC roll-out. Since the on-going roll out in an illegality and a violation of the constitution.

As the situation stands now, the entire process of CBC development and implementation is flawed as there are no approved statutory instruments to anchor the exercise, therefore It should lie suspended immediately to allow the Government and KNUT to engage.”