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What is the meaning of “Revision of choices”?

Revision of choices means to change the courses that an applicant submitted for consideration. KCSE examination candidates apply for courses in school. After their results are out, they get a chance to align their choices with their performance and new career interests.

Students who miss the school application can apply during the revision of choices.

How much is the application fee?

The minimum placement processing fee payable during application is Ksh500. The cumulative maximum is Ksh1,500.

The actual fee depends on the application stage; Ksh500 is charged for school application and Ksh1,000 for revision of choices.

For revision of choices, the payment is done once and the transaction code from the first revision application is used in all subsequent revision of choices.

How can I get my money back, if i paid to a wrong account

Kindly provide the transaction details and a reversal will be initiated. Please note that reversals take between three and seven days.

Does satisfying minimum requirements for a programme guarantee one to get that programme?

Securing a course depends on the competitiveness of an applicant (compared to other applicants for the same programme) and the number of available vacancies (programme capacity).

How can I know the institution where I have been placed?

The Placement Service will publish the placement details for successful applicants in their individual Student’s Portals.

Additionally, applicants who provided mobile phone contacts may be informed through SMS.

 When will KUCCPS announce the placement outcome/results?

The release of the placement process outcome will happen after the completion of application processing.
The exact date will be communicated through mass media and KUCCPS social media handles.

How can I contact KUCCPS?

KUCCPS offices are located at ACK Garden House on 1st Ngong Avenue in Community Area, Nairobi.

You may also contact us through the telephone lines ;

020 5137400

0734879662 and

0723954927, or

by email to [email protected].

Kuccps official social media channels are;

@KUCCPS_Official (Twitter) and @The.Placement.Service (Facebook).

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