KUCCPS placement news 2021/2022.
KUCCPS placement news 2021/2022.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has announced the 2021/2022 placement results for 2020 KCSE candidates. The placement results were released on Tuesday 17th August, 2021.

In a statement, Kuccps says these results have been processed after the conclusion of the revision of choices on July 23, 2021 for those who applied for placement to local universities and colleges.

“We are keen on concluding the process and releasing the outcome to all applicants by mid August, 2021,” said Dr. Agnes Mercy Wahome, the KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer.

“Placement is almost complete and results will be out before Wednesday next week. Thank you for being patient and understanding.” Added Kuccps on their official Twitter Account.

The application and revision of choices that was in its third and final round was scheduled to close on July 17, 2021, but KUCCPS granted a week’s extension to mobilize more applicants and ensure no eligible candidate was left behind.

“A total of 4,359 candidates took advantage of the extension and revised their degree choices. In total, over 90 % of all candidates who qualified for degree courses applied,” read the statement.

“Since May 24, 2021, KUCCPS has been rallying all the 2020 KCSE examination candidates to apply for placement to universities and colleges for sponsorship in artisan, certificate, diploma or degree courses of their choice.”

KUCCPS said it also targeted secondary school graduates with any mean grade from the year 2000 to 2020 for placement and government sponsorship to TVET institutions.

After the placement results have been announced, the students can then find the courses and universities into which they have been placed by using this simplified guide; How to check KUCCPS 2021/2022 placement results and admission letters for 2020 KCSE candidates, all applicants.


  1. Masinde Piandose

    Actually we are looking forward to see our placements. It’s only if we have seen the placements that we will be able to prepare ourselves well for enrollment. Why are KUCCPS delaying to do placements?

  2. Yeah …this process has taken more than it should imagine upto 15th August that’s too far …we have been eager and it is killing us en besides we should also prepare for our various courses coz others are travelling to far off universities…

  3. fredrick odhiambo

    Comment:The way this process has delayed does it means that even reporting date to university will delay?

  4. isaiah kipchirchir

    Comment:let be patient

  5. We would like to allow the kuccps agencies to finalise the placement and release the results on or before mid August as stipulated

  6. kindly be patience as kuccps work tirelessly to terminate placement

  7. Bill Clinton Okoth

    The whole system is corrupt.I dare say I don’t trust this people.His Excellency the president should assign DCI executive to investigate them

  8. Dominic mutati nzalu

    Let’s be cool and wait

  9. We hope to be placed to the courses we applied for

  10. Lets be patient and allow the placement board do their work.

  11. Please try to make the process faster for next year candidates and so forth.

  12. Jamani jamani kuccps mnadelay Sana. Do us a fever of placing us

  13. just make it fast please…….we are petient anyway

  14. Geofrey Odhiambo

    This is such a fuckin board ….KUCCPs you are damn fuckin …you ought to style up …you mean all this time ..you have been placing …. imagine today’s is past midnight September

  15. really nigga…..all of that shit talk and you ain’t know your dates!!!You are one foolish motherfucker….”imagine today is past midnight september”….put a sock in it dickhead and be patient…. your parents took you to school to know your dates …..embarassing ..you are embarassing

  16. Be patient let kuccps arrange themselves for the release of course s we applied for

  17. Linet mumbi murithi

    When is the intake for the kuccps students.


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