Kuccps student portal
Kuccps student portal

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  1. Please help me know the institution am placed in… INDEX: 42721202244

  2. Logging in kuccps students portal for me as become a challenge is there eny possible way you can help me


      How can apply for the courses that am qualified to do

  3. Immaculate nyaboke

    How can I know my placement

  4. Please help me on how to login student portal

    • Luke Muruma Samuel

      Logging in to me isn’t working

  5. Logging in to kuccups has become a challenge please can someone help

  6. How can i apply a course please help

  7. incorrect login in details!! but i have used the required details??

  8. Please help me to login

  9. Login in to students portal is a challenge to me I need help

  10. Am trying to log in but it’s like am having a challenge it can’t go through please I need assistance

  11. Help me apply please my index is 35606104053


      Am having a hard time trying to find the subjects that am most qualified to do

  12. Please help, have tried to log in and its showing nothing

  13. please check your website. there is problem logging in

  14. Help me I have just placed my choices but it tells me I have not merits my choices

  15. Login is a challenge what can I do? I’m just told “Incorrect Login Details” and time is moving.

  16. Clement mudengeya

    Hello kindly help its almost 😭

  17. Brightone Gororba

    Have tried my best login but not going through please help me

  18. Christine Mbithuka

    Does the government sponsor private college. There’s african hair styles course am interested @www.uniqueafricanhairstyles.com .please advise

  19. Help me know where I have been placed

  20. Ochieng Brian Odhiambo

    I have submitted all responsible requirements, and l have already paid but submitting M PESA cord is the problem imekata kabisa how can l do please help me.

  21. Ochieng Brian Odhiambo

    And is there second Revision

  22. Please help me log in my index number 12329112106

  23. Muganda Brian Ochieng

    Please help me log into my kuccps account

  24. Muganda Brian Ochieng

    Please help me log in my index 35623109055

  25. Otieno Boaz ochieng

    How can I apply

  26. Please help me to know the institution I’ve been placed in
    KCSE index number – 11206204004
    KCPE indeed number – 11240128027
    KCSE year – 2021

    • Masinde N Cicilia

      please help me know the institution I have been placed,,kcse index 36626110063,,year 2021/2022,,,password 36602114028

  27. I have tried to login but oops

  28. Ronald omulindi

    Please help me to know institution i have been placed kcse index no 37625116145 kcpe lndex no 376256111011

  29. Mugo lee gakunga

    I’ve already applied bt not given the result of which institution ave qualify to go,,09223110084

  30. Jibriel owino ochieng

    Please help me know the institution I have been placed

  31. Joseph karanja maina

    How can know the instution I have been placed

  32. My question is why my place is active and my payment is not their and my friend whom we apply same day are placed


    I have not received my placement yet what might be the problem

  34. I have a challenge in logging in can someone help me

  35. Martha wangui mwangi

    Help me to know where I’m placed

  36. How do I transfer from a university to another

  37. I need to do an inter-institution transfer. how do I do it?


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