KMTC student nurse Lukresia Robai
KMTC student nurse Lukresia Robai

Miss Lukresia Robai, a 2nd year Nursing student at KMTC Kitale Campus has left netizens marveling after a video of her dancing for a young patient in the pediatric ward at Kitale Level IV Hospital went viral.

The video that has garnered over 200,000 likes and thousands of shares, and growing, has brought to the forefront the need for holistic care in health.

“As a Nurse, I recognize that the goal of nursing care is to alleviate pain, meaning non-pharmacological therapy is as important as giving medication to achieve this goal” , Robai says. She adds, “I would like to challenge my peers to consider healthcare from all dimensions. The possibilities are limitless so always think outside the box.”

The charming Miss Robai is passionate about serving humanity in her role as a Nurse. “Being a Nurse brings me joy,” she quips. She believes that there is no better way to serve than to use her prowess in dancing in combination with the skills she has acquired at KMTC to spread joy.

Lukresia says she noticed during her ward rounds that the boy admitted with a fractured leg was in low spirits and she instantly put on her dancing shoes and sway away to ‘’Baby Shark Do Do Do’’ – a popular song with toddlers

“I am passionate about dancing, it is inborn. It feels nice to be part of that society or culture that promotes wonderful things in this life. Especially when I’m giving medications, because hao ni watoto, I go to them with some kind of movement that is able to fascinate them,” Lukresia said.

Lukresia is an orphan who says her education journey has been a roller coaster, and she has only come this far because of bursaries and sponsorships. She takes her chosen career path very seriously, almost sacred.

“It feels nice to be part and parcel of people’s life. When you venture into medicine you are dealing with people’s health, you become a co-creator with God you have to take care of the sick and you have to be very careful because you are dealing with life,” she added.

Trans Nzoia County government has undertaken to pay the reminder of her school fees for the five months she has remaining on her course and has assured her that she will be posted in the same hospital where she lovingly dances to her patients., a dream come true for the 22-year-old


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