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Mwalimu National SACCO (MNS) is one of the largest Co-operative society not only in Kenya, but also the East African Region. To become a member of the SACCO is easy and the requirements are quite flexible. If you intend to join a SACCO, then Mwalimu National is the preferred option. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits that include: Savings, dividends, loans, salary advances and Burial and Benevolent (BBF) services; among others.


There are two types of members who can join Mwalimu National SACCO; Class A and B members.


These members include:

  • Employees of the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, in post primary and tertiary institutions, TSC Secretariat and Mwalimu SACCO Society staff.
  • TSC employees in primary schools with academic qualifications at the level of Diploma and above.
  • TSC employees in primary schools with academic qualifications below Diploma level, bursars in public and private educational institutions.
  • Former MNS employees now working in government ministries/ departments or institutions with check-off systems.
  • Spouses of members and members’ children above 18 years of age in employment.
  • Lecturers in public and private universities.
  • Teachers employed by schools’ Boards of Management, BOMs.

Class B members are

  • Students undertaking education-related studies leading to diplomas and degrees, in technical colleges and universities recognized by the Ministry in charge of Education;
  • Former members who have withdrawn all their deposits and have not transferred their shares to any other member.
  • Students sponsored by MNS under Childhope Foundation but, who must be above 18 years old.

Joining the SACCO is quite easy and straight forward. All that you need to do is to download the Membership application form. This is available on the SACCO’s website,  contacting a SACCO representative (delegate) or at its branches countrywide. You can then return the completed form to to the SACCO offices or pass it to the SACCO delegate for onward transmission.

The completed form, upon receipt and admission, shall be allocated a membership number, filed in the respective member’s personal file and the number given be entered in the members’ register.

The admission of new members is done by the MNS board. The board may refuse admission of a new member if some requirements are not met.

To join Mwalimu National SACCO, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. You should be aged above 18 years.
  2. One must be a Kenyan Citizen or an ordinary resident of Kenya.
  3. You must be of sound mind.
  4. You must have a clean criminal record. One must have not been convicted of any criminal offense or not have been sentenced to a jail term of more than 6 months.
  5. You must be of good standing character.

Both class A and B Members enjoy a number of rights. These include:

  • Receiving periodic account statements; for all credit and debit transactions.
  • Attending and participating at all members’ Branch Annual General Meetings, AGMs.
  • Electing or be elected as a delegate of the SACCO.
  • Enjoying all SACCO services and products.
  • Proposing initiatives to the SACCO board for consideration.

Class B members are, though, excluded from participating in decision making at the Branch Annual General Meeting of members. They can not also participate in electing or being elected as delegates of the SACCO.

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