Reporting to the Managing Trustee, he/she will be responsible for ensuring timely procurement of goods, works and services in line with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015, other related laws and regulations and the Fund’s policies.


  • Develop and implement a procurement strategy that aligns with the Fund’s goals and objectives;
  • Oversee the procurement processes and procedures to ensure they are in line with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 and other related laws and regulations;
  • Oversee the entire supply chain process to ensure timely delivery of goods and services;
  • Manage the procurement budget and ensure expenditure is in line with financial plans;
  • Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, conduct negotiations and establish supplier contacts;
  • Review the usage and expenditure on large expenditure items with a view of identifying areas of cost reduction and/or service improvement;
  • Coordinate and supervise the tendering and quotation process including participating in the evaluation of bids for goods and services;
  • Coordinate and manage inventory levels of materials ensuring optimum stockholding and minimum obsolescence;
  • Manage and process payments to all suppliers under contract to ensure compliance and ability to partner with the Fund;
  • Review evaluation, inspection and acceptance and disposal reports;
  • Prepare opinions on evaluation, inspection and acceptance and disposal reports and submit to the Managing Trustee for final decision;
  • Prepare consolidated Annual Procurement Plan for the entire Fund;
  • Prepare responses   to   tender   appeals   and   submit   to               Public          Procurement Administrative Review Board;
  • Review procurement reports and ensure submission to the relevant authorities; and
  • Make proposals to the Managing Trustee for appointment of evaluation, inspection & acceptance and disposal committee;
  • Implement quality control measures to ensure goods and services meet the required standards;
  • Ensure all procurement activities adhere to relevant laws and regulations;
  • Identify and mitigate risks in the entire procurement process;
  • Leverage on procurement software and technology to improve processes and improve efficiency;
  • Manage and optimize inventory levels to minimize carrying costs and stockouts; and
  • Prepare reports on procurement activities, cost savings and key performance indicators for



  • Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Commerce, Economics, Finance or related field;
  • Bachelor’s degree   in   Supply   Chain   Management,                   Procurement,            Commerce, Economics, Finance or related field;
  • Professional qualification in a related discipline will be an added advantage;
  • At least ten (10) years relevant cumulative relevant cumulative work experience, five

(5) of which should have been at a senior management position;

  • Membership to KISM and of good standing;
  • Leadership course from a recognized institution or a Certificate in Corporate Governance;
  • Certificate in Computer Applications from a recognized institution; and;
  • Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution



  • Integrity;
  • Quality orientation;
  • Process excellence;
  • Strong business acumen;
  • Interpersonal skills; and
  • Strategic


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