Fuel crisis, the Kenyan government speaks

Kenya has adequate stock of fuel to last Kenya up to the end of June; there is no need for panic.

Oil market players have been hoarding the fuel expecting price increases.

Any entity not willing to work within the Kenyan legal framework is free to vacate the Kenyan market immediately.

Show cause letters have been issued to oil market players caught hoarding fuel and those selling at higher prices.

Oil marketers who sold more than their capacity will benefit from fuel allocation and those who sold less than their capacity will receive less.

Fuel tankers will be allowed to move on a privilege basis.

Fuel subsidy balances are being dispatched by the government as from yesterday.

Fuel stations to work for 24 hours, the government will provide security.

Kenya’s fuel prices are the lowest in the region and EPRA’s review will not change that.

In the next 72 hours we shall return to the normal cycle.


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