• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Principals asked not to send students home over fees balances

Jul 15, 2024
Learners walk home after schools were closed. The government is finding itaself within a hard place and a rock on making a decision whether to reopen schools soon or not.Learners walk home during a school break. Read all the latest education news in this site.

Instead, Kimilu urged the administrators to retain the students at their respective institutions, saying he and other legislators, will soon give bursaries to alleviate the challenges the schools were experiencing.

“I finished giving bursaries to students in colleges; now I have initiated the disbursement of money to students in secondary schools to pay their fees. I therefore urge principals in my area to allow students to continue with their learning,” said Kimilu during a fundraising event for Mukuyuni Catholic Church at Mukuyuni Primary School on Sunday.

On electricity, the MP said that every home in his constituency will be connected to electricity, saying this was part of his work.

“I will ensure every home is connected to electricity, since that one is my docket,” reiterated Kimilu.

This comes at as time when schools are grappling with lack of funds as the government is yet to send free Education money.