Processing status of 2019 adverts for TSC internship, redeployment and promotions vacancies; How to check status of tsc posts for which you applied, online
Lists of shortlisted TSC interns 2019.

Teachers who applied for the various Teachers Service Commission, TSC, vacancies can track the processing status online. This year the Commission advertised a large number of vacancies; most of which required online applications. The vacancies include: New recruitment of teachers on permanent basis, recruitment of intern teachers, redeployment to secondary schools and promotion to administrative posts.

Here are the posts; including post name, number of vacancies and key dates: 

S/N Post Name Number of Posts Advert Date Mode of application Closing Date
1 Secretariat Internship 25 7/10/2019 Online 21/10/2019
2 Replacement of Primary school Teachers who left in August 220 7/10/2019 Manual 23/10/2019
3 Replacement of Secondary school Teachers who left in August 44 7/10/2019 Manual 23/10/2019
4 Post Primary School Intern Teachers 6,000 9/10/2019 Online 24/10/2019
5 Primary School Intern Teachers 4,300 9/10/2019 Online 24/10/2019
6 Replacement of Primary school Teachers who left in June/July 3,348 12/9/2019 Manual 24/9/2019
7 Replacement of Secondary school Teachers who left in June/July 769 12/9/2019 Manual 24/9/2019
8 Deputy Directors and County Directors 27 12/9/2019 Online 23/9/2019
9 Quality Assurance- Sub County Directors 12 12/9/2019 Online 17/9/2019
10 Teacher Management- Sub County Directors 64 12/9/2019 Online 17/9/2019
11 Permanent Posts in Primary Schools(Redeployment to Secondary) 1,000 16/8/2019 Manual 30/8/2019
12 Permanent Posts in Secondary Schools 4,000 16/8/2019 Manual 30/8/2019
13 Promotions for Heads (T Scale 10; Grade C5) 2,310 20/8/2019 Online 20/9/2019
14 Promotions for Deputy Heads (T Scale 9; Grade C4) 3,733 20/8/2019 Online 20/9/2019


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How to check processing status for the posts.

Procession status for most of the adverts can be accessed online. To check the status, follow the procedure below:

  1. Visit the TSC online portal at;
  2. Enter you ID Number or Pass Port Number in the Search Box and Click on ‘Search’.
  3. The System automatically displays your Details.
  4. After your details, the application status for the posts applied for is displayed in the format;
# Advert No Status
. . .
Application Status
# Advert No Status


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