Pwani University List of all Courses & Requirements (Latest, Updated)


  1. Bachelor of Science (Food Nutrition & Dietetics)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Animal Production & Health Management)
  3. Bachelor of Arts
  4. Bachelor of Commerce
  5. Bachelor of Education ( Special Needs Education)
  6. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  7. Bachelor of Education (ECE)
  8. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option)
  9. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  10. Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Management
  11. Bachelor of Environmental Science
  12. Bachelor of Science Environmental Studies (Community Development
  13. Bachelor of Science ( Nursing & Public Health)
  14. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management & Trade
  15. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture & Enterprise Development)
  16. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  18. Bachelor of Science (HTM)
  19. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  20. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension
  21. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  22. Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Fisheries
  23. Bachelor of Science on Agricultural Resource Management
  24. Bachelor of Science on Environmental Health
  25. Master of Pure and Applied Sciences
  26. Master of Arts in Sociology
  27. Master of Arts
  28. Master of Education
  29. Master of Environmental Science
  30. Master of Science (Agronomy)
  31. Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  32. Doctor of Philosophy Environmental Science
  33. Doctor of Philosophy Space Science
  34. Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities & social science
  35. Bachelor of Arts (Islamic Studies)
  36. Bachelor of Arts (Theology)
  37. Bachelor of Arts in Child Care and Protection
  38. Bachelor of Education (AGED)
  39. Bachelor of Science
  40. Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture
  41. Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities & Social Science
  42. Doctor of Philosophy in Space Science
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