Training manual for teachers on Covid-19.
Resolutions from the covid-19 conference.

The much anticipated reopening for the remaining forms and classes may not occur anytime, soon. Learners in Grade 1-3, class 5-7 and form 1-3 will stay at home a little bit longer as covid19 infections take a sharp rise.

It was highly anticipated that these other learners would join the form four, class eight and grade four learners; who have been in school since October 12, 2020. But, plans to have full reopening of schools are now in limbo with Education officials saying the rest of the learners may stay at home a little longer.

“The health of our children is paramount. We believe schools are able to control the Grade 4, Standard 8 and Form 4 learners but the rest of the children may have to wait a little longer.” Said Education Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia, on Thursday.

The past week has seen the killer virus hitting high levels. On Thursday alone, 1,068 new cases were reported; being the highest ever number of positive cases to be recorded in a single day since the onset of the disease in the country.

The Ministry of health is also concerned with the high number of casualties that are being recorded of late. On Thursday 12 deaths were recorded as the virus threatens to run riot in the country.

But, the biggest worry is the realization that the disease is slowly finding its way into schools; as learners and teachers fall victim. Already, a teacher at Kiambu County has succumbed to the disease. Two schools in Mombasa County have since been closed after recorded cases of covid 19. Star of the Sea and Tononoka high schools were shut on Monday with learners and teachers told to stay away for two weeks.

Parents at Star of the Sea High School were told that school operations would resume on November 2; after measures to curb spread of the disease have been put in place.

“This is to inform you that school operations have been suspended from today, Monday October 19, to allow fumigation. Normal operations will resume on November, 2.” Read a memo by the school dispatched to parents.

A teacher at Mama Ngina Primary School in Kiambu County succumbed as a result of covid19 related complications; with those said to have come into close contact with the teacher sent into isolation.

Other schools that have reported covid19 cases include: St. Peters Mumias Boys High School in Kakamega County.

Ministry rules out closure of schools

Even as the country continues to record a high number of cases, the Ministry has ruled out any imminent closure of schools; adding that there is no cause for alar and each school will be dealt with separately.

“Schools will not be closed based on the cases in Mombasa. Corona cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If a school is found to be a threat we close the school or student is isolated and learning will continue,” explained CAS Kinuthia.

“It would be a problem if all schools reported cases but as the situation stands now, schools will not be closed, however, ministry will keep observing the trends very closely,” added Kinuthia.

For now, it is a wait and see scenario has all eyes are traded on CS Magoha for the next course of action.


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