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Schools given up to end of March to capture all students on Nemis or miss funds

The Nemis portal that is used to capture data for all learners.The Nemis portal that is used to capture data for all learners.

Latest Education news Schools have been given up to the end of March so as to capture all learners in the National Education Management Information System, Nemis. The Ministry now says disbursements of funds to public schools will be entirely via Nemis.

  Whereas the system has always been used for secondary schools, the scenario has been different for primary schools. Since the inception of Free Primary Education in 2003, the Ministry of Education has been using a computer program that heavily relies on manual input of school data into the program by officers from the Ministry of Education headquarters to disburse funds to public primary schools. This mode of disbursement has been prone to errors as a result of faulty capturing of data required for capitation by officers in the headquarters.

  Under the NEMIS system, all the data is captured at the source and individual headteachers are responsible for any data regarding their school, this minimises chances of human error and any changes required are made by the headteachers thus ensuring continuous update of data. The Directorate of Primary Education intends to change the mode of FPE disbursement to NEMIS system from the current system one with effect from April 2021.

  To guarantee that their schools are not disadvantaged, the Ministry has asked head teachers to ensure that data on all their pupils is captured in them NEMIS platform by 30th March 2021. Learners without birth certificates can still be captured on the NEMIS system.


  1. Visit the NEMIS portal at http://nemis.education.go.ke
  2. Log onto the system by using the official log in credentials; User Name and Password.
  3. Once logged in, click on ‘Form one Admission/ Reported List’
  4. The ‘REPORTED STUDENT LIST’ will be displayed.
  5. Click on ‘BIO DATA’ to update the details for each learner.
  6. Fill in the Basic, Contact and Special Needs Details for the learner. Save the changes.
  7. Repeat procedure 5 and 6; until details for all the admitted learners are captured.

Here are links to the most important news portals:

The ‘LEARNER’ tab, on the NEMIS window, can also be used to carry out the following learner related operations:

  1. PENDING REGISTRATION: View a list of learners whose Registration is pending. These are learners whose details have not been entered as required i.e missing some information like their photographs.
  2. VIEW MY LEARNERS: A menu used to view the list of all learners whose details have been fully updated on the NEMIS system.
  3. LIST OF ADMISSION REQUESTS: Shows the list of admission requests as uploaded onto the NEMIS system for approval by the Ministry of Education’s field officers.
  4. LIST OF PROCESSED ADMISSION REQUESTS: To display the list of learners whose admission requests have been approved by the Ministry of Education’s Field officers.
  5. RECEIVE LEARNER: Used to admit a continuing learner; who has transferred from another school.
  6. RELEASE LEARNER: Used to transfer a learner to join another school after the transfer has been granted by the Education Ministry’s Field Officers.


In total each learner in all public schools receives Sh22,244 per year under the government’s Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) program. Of this Sh9,400 goes into operations including Personal Emoluments (Salaries and wages for BOM staff).


1 Tuition 4,144.00
2 Medical/ Insurance 2,000.00
3 Activity 1,500.00
4 SMASSE 200.00
5 Other Vote Heads 9,400.00
6 Maintenance and Improvement 5,000.00
7 Grand Total 22,244.00

Other vote heads: local travel and transport, Administration, Electricity, Personnel emolument.