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TPAD2 dashboard.

TPAD 2 Portal Guide; How the Appraiser (Deputy Head) is to assess teachers

All TSC teachers in an institution are to be appraised on the new TPAD 2 system portal, by the Appraiser who in most cases...
New TPAD 2 Account creation. You can also easily recover your lost password.

How to Create a TPAD 2 Account and Log in to http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke

Before you are allowed to use the new Teachers Service Commission TPAD 2 system, you must first create an account. It is only after...
Creating a new appraisal on TPAD 2

TSC TPAD 2 system account login and dashboard navigation guide

Once you log into your TSC TPAD 2 account, the first page is your dashboard. It is good for you to have adequate information...