How to create a lesson observation request on TPAD 2; Lesson observation form

TSC TPAD 2 lesson observation form online. See full guide here.

Did you know that it is mandatory for you to have a lesson observation on TSC TPAD 2 system, at least once in a term? Yes. For your TPAD 2 online form to show a processing status of hundred percent the appraiser must carry out the lesson observation in class and fill the lesson observation … Read more

TSC- Why is my TPAD 2 appraisal form showing 99%; See possible causes

A TSC TPAD 2 form showing a 100 percent processing status.

Are you wondering why your TSC TPAD 2 online form is showing 99% complete? Well. A number of reasons may make you unable to submit your form to the appraiser. First, ensure all the teaching standards are filled out correctly. There are five teaching standards and each should be filled. Learners’ progress records and lesson … Read more

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