The Tanzanian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) syllabus is somehow similar to the Kenyan one at Ordinary level (Secondary level). There are striking similarities between the two at all forms only that the re-organization is different. For instance, in both countries the topics on introduction to computers, computer handling, History of Computers and basic computer hands- on activities are offered in form one.

All the form two computer topics offered in Tanzania are similar to the ones offered in Kenya; while some have been shifted to form four in Tanzania; like topics on Data Base Management Systems, Presentation Software and Desk Top Publishing.

A sneak preview of all the topics offered in Tanzania shows that the content on Basic Programming isn’t offered at ordinary level there. Instead they offer a substitute topic; Web Development.

Here is a list of Computer/ ICT topics offered in the Kenyan Secondary Syllabus

FORM ONE: Introduction to Computers, Computer System and the Operating System.
FORM TWO: Word Processing, spread Sheets, Data Bases, Desk Top Publishing, Internet & Email and Data & Computer Security.
FORM THREE: Data Representation in Computers, Data Processing, Elementary Programming and System Development.
FORM FOUR: Networking & Communication, Application areas of ICT, Career Opportunities
in ICT and the Impact of ICT on the Society.

The list of Computer/ ICT topics offered at Tanzanian Secondary Schools

FORM ONE: Information, The Computer, Computer Soft Ware, Computer Handling and Computer Evolution.
FORM TWO: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Computer Networks & Communication and the Internet.
FORM THREE: Impact of ICT on the Society, Web Development and Data Base as information System.
FORM FOUR: Data Base Management Systems, Presentation Software, Desk top Publishing and Multimedia.